Google Messages loses Reminder and Google Photos integration features

What you should know

  • Google Messages has lost two key features: message reminders and Google Photos integration
  • Users are confused and frustrated by the removal of these features
  • The missing features are likely bugs or glitches, not intentional changes
  • Google has not yet addressed the missing features in Google Messages

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Hey there, Android users! Have you noticed that Google Messages has recently lost some key features? Yes, the default messaging app for many Android users has said goodbye to message reminders and Google Photos integration. But, before you panic, let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening.

According to reports, some users have noticed that the alarm clock icon for message reminders is no longer visible in the toolbar when selecting a message in the app. While the “Remind 1 hr” shortcut in incoming notifications still works, the full reminder functionality seems to be missing. What’s up with that? Additionally, the Google Photos integration that allowed users to upload videos to the cloud and send them as links is also missing from the Messages app settings. Many users are understandably confused and frustrated by these changes.

While it may seem like these are intentional decisions by Google, it’s more likely that these are just bugs or glitches rather than planned changes. These issues are likely a result of the recently planned upgrades currently in testing, such as noise cancellation and markdown text support. It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time a helpful feature has disappeared from the Messages app, so there is hope that these missing features will be restored soon.

Google has not yet addressed these missing features in Google Messages, but users are hoping for a quick fix from the company. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these popular and helpful features will be back sooner rather than later.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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