Google Messages: Screen Sharing Feature to Block Display

What you should know

– Google Messages is testing a security feature that blocks access to the app when it detects screen sharing.
– The feature aims to prevent scammers from accessing sensitive information during screen sharing sessions.
– Concerns have been raised about the feature potentially blocking legitimate use cases, such as sharing screens with friends or colleagues.
– The feature has not been fully tested and there are still some scenarios where it may not work as intended.

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Google Messages is currently testing a new security feature that aims to protect users from scammers who use screen sharing to steal personal information. The feature blocks the app from being displayed when an ongoing screen sharing session is detected. This move is seen as a crucial step in preventing sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, from falling into the wrong hands.

Scammers often trick users into sharing their screens under the pretense of being customer support representatives. Once they gain access to the user’s screen, they can exploit it to steal personal data. By implementing this security measure, Google hopes to prevent users from inadvertently revealing their private information to scammers.

However, there are concerns that this feature may also hinder legitimate use cases. For instance, users who genuinely need to share their screens with friends or colleagues might face difficulties accessing Google Messages. It seems that the feature’s implementation has not been fully tested yet, as some scenarios, like accessing messages through notifications while screen sharing, bypass the intended security measure.

While it’s understandable that such a security feature can be seen as restrictive, it is commendable that Google is taking steps to protect users from potential harm caused by scammers. The balance between security and convenience needs to be carefully considered during the development of this feature, so that it effectively safeguards users without causing unnecessary inconvenience.

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