Google Misses Historic Opportunity with Pixel 9 Announcement

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  • Google’s annual I/O conference is set to begin on May 14, with expectations of a first official look at the budget Pixel 8a.
  • The flagship Pixel 9 is anticipated to launch in October, missing the opportunity for a teaser on Pi Day (March 14).
  • Google has a tradition of celebrating Pi Day by using its phones to represent the starting digits of pi, but chose not to use the Pixel 9 for this year’s celebration.
  • This year marked a missed opportunity for an epic new phone tease on Pi Day, especially since future Pixel phones moving into double digits will make such a celebration difficult.


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Oh boy, Google’s at it again! They’ve just spilled the beans that their annual I/O conference is kicking off on May 14. And guess what? We might just catch a glimpse of the much-anticipated budget-friendly Pixel 8a. Can you believe it?

Now, for those of you holding your breath for the big guns, the Pixel 9 is probably making its grand entrance in October. Yep, you heard that right. But, oh, the tease they missed today. You’re gonna be ticked off they let that slip by.

So, you’re eyeing a new phone, huh? The price tag’s likely at the top of your list. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re a specs geek, drooling over the nitty-gritty tech details. But hey, let’s not forget the math buffs out there. You were probably crossing your fingers for a March 14 teaser, weren’t you? Tough luck for the math nerds and Pixel aficionados.

Here’s a fun fact: March, the third month, gives us 3.14, the start of pi (π). That makes March 14 Pi Day, a day of celebration for math lovers everywhere. 9to5Google pointed out that Google loves to join in the fun, usually by showcasing its phones in a clever nod to pi’s digits. This year, they lined up the first eight digits of pi, but threw us for a loop by not using the Pixel 9 for the sixth digit. Instead, they flipped a Pixel 6 upside down. Talk about a party pooper.

It seems Google wasn’t keen on unveiling the Pixel 9’s mystique for a mere social media stunt. But let’s be real, we’ve got a pretty solid scoop on these phones already. We’ve seen leaks, heard rumors, and even got a sneak peek of their design. But, nothing’s set in stone until it’s officially official, right?

This was Google’s golden opportunity to drop a teaser that would’ve gone down in history. But alas, they missed it. With future Pixel models hitting double digits, it’s gonna be a while before they can play the pi digit game again. Such a bummer, right?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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