Google Phone App Removes Nearby Places Search on Android

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  • The Phone by Google dialer app is losing the Nearby Places search feature on Android, as announced by Google.
  • The ability to search for businesses directly within the Phone by Google app has been removed, replaced by a “Search contacts” field.
  • “Nearby Places” has been completely removed from the settings, aligning with the removal of the feature.
  • Google’s decision to remove the Nearby Places search is based on its underuse by the majority of users, who prefer Google Search or Maps for business-related searches.


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Well, it’s not exactly shocking news, but here it goes: Google’s dialer app is saying goodbye to the Nearby Places search feature on Android. Google spilled the beans at the start of February, and now, they’re really going through with it.

You know, 9to5google caught this first. They noticed you can’t hunt for businesses in the Phone by Google app anymore. Instead of the handy “Search contacts & places” bar, there’s just a “Search contacts” option now. So yeah, you can forget about finding places through the app.

And get this, the “Nearby Places” option? Vanished from the settings. Poof, just like that. But, I mean, it does make a bit of sense. The feature was all about using your location to find spots near you.

Google’s reasoning? Apparently, the Nearby Places search was like that one gym membership everyone forgets about. “Only a very small number of people use this feature,” they said. Plus, Google’s convinced that most folks just default to Google Search or Maps for their business number needs.

When Google first mentioned axing the feature, they were like, “It’ll happen in the coming months.” And guess what? That “coming months” is now. If you’re one of the few who actually used it, well, it’s time to say your goodbyes. The latest update is making sure of that.

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