Google Photos Developing “Show Less” Feature for Faces in Memories

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  • Google Photos is developing a feature that allows users to “Show less” of a particular person in Memories, offering a more nuanced control over which faces appear.
  • The upcoming feature will not remove the person’s photos entirely but will reduce their frequency in Memories, while still keeping them searchable in the main library.
  • Users will be able to manage this setting through a new section labeled “Hide face from memories” found under Settings > Preferences > Memories > Hide people & pets.
  • Although the feature is not yet available in the public version of Google Photos, it is currently being tested, indicating Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience in managing their photo libraries.


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Oh, Google Photos, you’ve been a gem for organizing the chaos that is our digital memory lane. With your almost spooky-good facial recognition, you’ve brought back moments I’d forgotten. But, let’s be real for a sec. Not every face brings back warm fuzzies. Ever had that cringe moment scrolling through your photos? Yeah, me too.

Enter the rumor mill – Android Authority, with a little birdie named AssembleDebug, whispered about something exciting. Google Photos might just be getting a “Show less” button in version v6.81.0.628906483. A subtle, yet significant change. It’s like telling Google, “Hey, maybe let’s not see this person’s face all the time?” They’ll still be there, lurking in the search, but not popping up and surprising you.

This isn’t about erasing people, though. It’s more nuanced. The current “Block face” feature? Kinda drastic. It’s like they never existed. And sometimes, you don’t want that. You might want to peek at those memories, just not all the time.

Picture this: You’re diving into the “People & Pets” section, and there it is, “Hide face from memories.” A simple path laid out – Settings > Preferences > Memories > Hide people & pets. Google’s making it easy to customize your stroll down memory lane.

Now, don’t get too excited yet. This feature’s still under wraps, not ready for the spotlight in the public app. Google’s fine-tuning it, making sure it’s just right. No word on when it’ll drop, but it’s Google, so expect a grand entrance with a bit of a wait.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, it’s about control. Having a say in how you revisit the past can change the vibe of your digital reminiscing. It’s about making your photo collection a place of joy, not jolts of “oh, not them again.” Especially when your digital photo album spans decades. Small tweaks, big impact. That’s the promise here. And honestly, can’t wait to see it in action.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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