Google Photos for Android May Soon Offer One-Tap Video Enhancement

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  • The Pixel 8 Pro introduces a Video Boost feature that enhances videos by applying Night Sight, HDR, and Unblur, aiming to match the video quality of iPhones.
  • Google Photos app, available on both Android and iOS, allows users to enhance photos easily, and a similar “Enhance your video” feature is being developed for the Android version.
  • The upcoming video enhancement feature in Google Photos will enable users to improve video quality with a single tap, adjusting brightness, color, contrast, and overall clip quality.
  • Video enhancement in Google Photos will be processed on-device, which may require significant processing time, especially on low-to-mid-range Android devices, and will allow users to save an enhanced copy without overwriting the original file.


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Oh, the Pixel 8 Pro is a game-changer, folks. It’s got this Video Boost feature that’s like magic. Sends your videos up to the cloud, and bam! They come back looking sharper with Night Sight, HDR, and Unblur. Remember how we used to drool over iPhone videos? Well, not anymore. Google’s stepping up its game.

Late last year, we got the scoop. Hit that Video Boost button, and your Pixel videos get the royal treatment. It was a long time coming, honestly. Google’s been nailing still images for ages, but video? That was a whole different ballgame. Until the Pixel 8 Pro strutted in, that is.

Now, let’s talk Google Photos. Both Android and iOS users, listen up. You’ve got a photo you wanna jazz up? Easy. Open the app, pick your photo, hit Edit, and tap “Enhance.” VoilĂ . But here’s where it gets juicy. AssembleDebug, that code sleuth over at AndroidPolice, dropped a tweet that’s got us all buzzing. Videos are about to get the same glow-up.

He tinkered with version v6.81.0.628906483 (what a mouthful, right?) and found a hidden gem. “Enhance your video” is on the horizon, folks. Right next to the stabilization button, there’s gonna be a new way to make your videos pop. Brightness, color, contrast – the works. And it’s all with one tap. But don’t get too excited. It’s not adding new editing tricks to your arsenal. Just a nifty shortcut.

Speaking of nifty, Google Photos is about to make enhancing videos a breeze. Unlike Video Boost’s cloud antics, this is all happening on your device. Though, fair warning, it might test your patience on slower phones. And if your video’s not already chilling in Google Photos, you’ll need to download it first. But here’s the kicker: you get to save an improved copy without ditching the original. Neat, right?

Now, don’t hold your breath just yet. This intel comes from AssembleDebug, and it sounds like Google’s still keeping it under wraps. Though, fingers crossed, we might catch a glimpse at Google I/O on May 14th. So, stay tuned, and let’s see what Google’s got up its sleeve.

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