Google Picks Samsung for Pixel 9 Tensor G4 Chip, Inspired by Galaxy S24 Success?

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  • The Tensor G4 chip, set to power the Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2, will be manufactured by Samsung using its latest 4nm process technology, referred to as the ‘3rd generation 4nm low-power process node’.
  • Google’s decision to stick with Samsung for the Tensor G4 chip production was influenced by the success of Samsung’s Exynos 2400 chip, which also utilizes the same 4nm process and has shown impressive performance and efficiency.
  • The Tensor G4 is expected to feature Fan-out Wafer Level Package (FOWLP) technology, which could help mitigate overheating issues experienced with previous Tensor-powered Pixel phones by improving thermal management and battery life.
  • Despite initially considering a switch to TSMC for chip production, Google will continue its partnership with Samsung for the Tensor G4 due to TSMC’s refusal based on low order volume, though plans to use TSMC for the Tensor G5 chip next year are still in place.


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Oh, the tech world’s buzzing again. This time it’s about the Tensor G4 chip set to jazz up the Pixel 9. And guess who’s behind the wheel? Samsung. Yeah, you heard that right.

Google had a bit of a wandering eye, thinking about TSMC for a hot minute. But nope, they’re sticking with Samsung for the ride. This chip isn’t just any chip—it’s also going to power the Pixel Fold 2. People are talking, and it seems like this decision might just make customers pretty happy.

There’s this report from a Korean outlet, fnnews. It’s all about how the Tensor G4 is diving into Samsung’s latest 4nm process. They’ve got a fancy name for it: the ‘3rd generation 4nm low-power process node’. Sounds pretty snazzy, right?

And it’s not just any process. The Exynos 2400, which is like the heart of some Galaxy S24 variants, is built on this same tech. Both the Exynos and the Tensor G4 are into this Fan-out Wafer Level Package (FOWLP) thing. It’s supposed to be great for keeping things cool, boosting power efficiency, and giving the battery life a little extra juice.

Speaking of hot stuff, Google’s Pixel phones have had their moments, and not the good kind. They’ve been known to get a bit warm. But this FOWLP tech? It might just be the hero we need.

Now, let’s talk about the Exynos 2400. It’s kind of a big deal. In some ways, it’s outshining the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. That’s a feather in Samsung’s cap, for sure. And it’s got other big names thinking about teaming up with Samsung.

Why did Google go with Samsung’s 4nm tech for the Tensor G4? Well, the Exynos 2400’s warm reception might have something to do with it. Plus, this new 4nm process is supposed to kick performance up a notch from the Tensor G3’s older tech.

But here’s the kicker: the Exynos 2400 and the Tensor G4? They’re kind of like cousins. Rumor has it, the Tensor G4’s taking a page out of the Exynos 2400’s book. We’re talking an eight-core chip using ARM’s latest cores.

Google was eyeing TSMC, thinking about a switch. But TSMC wasn’t having it—something about low order volume. So, Google’s looking at TSMC for the Tensor G5 next year. But for now? Samsung’s the one.

So, while Google might have been swayed by the Galaxy S24’s sparkle, they didn’t really have much of a choice. Samsung it is, for the Tensor G4. And honestly? It’s shaping up to be quite the partnership.

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