Google Pixel Watch 3 Could Unlock Android Phones Faster

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  • Google is working on enhancing the Pixel Watch Unlock feature by using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for faster and more precise location tracking.
  • UWB technology will be automatically disabled in regions where it is not supported due to international regulations.
  • To use the UWB Watch Unlock feature, both the phone and smartwatch need to have compatible hardware, hinting at the inclusion of UWB in the upcoming Pixel Watch 3.
  • The Pixel Watch 3 is rumored to be available in two sizes (41 mm and 45 mm) and may launch with Wear OS 5, alongside the improved Watch Unlock feature.


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Oh, got a Pixel Watch, huh? It’s pretty neat how it unlocks your Android phone just by being close. That’s the magic of the Watch Unlock feature for ya. But, you know, it uses Bluetooth, and sometimes, just sometimes, it drags its feet a bit before unlocking.

Now, here’s the juicy bit. Google’s got something cooking for the next Pixel Watch. The folks over at 9to5Google did some digging into the Play Services app. And guess what they found? Looks like Google’s planning to give the Watch Unlock feature a serious boost with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB’s like Bluetooth on steroids – faster, sharper, and doesn’t get lost asking for directions.

But, and there’s always a but, there are a couple of hitches to this whole UWB deal. First off, the world’s a patchwork of rules, and some places just say no to UWB. Google’s way ahead, though. They’re putting in code that’ll turn off the fancy UWB Unlock when you wander into one of those no-go zones.

Here’s the kicker: to get in on this UWB action, both your phone and smartwatch need to be in the cool kids’ club, hardware-wise. The latest “Pro” Pixel phones? Check. They’ve got UWB. The Pixel Watches? Uh, not so much. This has folks whispering about the Pixel Watch 3, dropping this fall, being decked out with UWB.

But hey, Google’s lips are sealed. Despite the leaks and rumors flying around, we’re all in the dark about what the Pixel Watch 3 will bring to the table. There’s chatter about two sizes this time – a cozy 41 mm and a beefier 45 mm. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll strut out with Wear OS 5.

If the whispers and the wishful thinking hit the mark, with a slicker, quicker Watch Unlock, the Pixel Watch 3 might just give the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch a run for their money. Wouldn’t that be something?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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