Google Pixel Watch 3 May Launch in Two Sizes to Rival Galaxy Watch 7

What you should know

  • The first credible rumor about Google’s Pixel Watch 3, a possible rival to the Apple Watch, has emerged, even though the Pixel Watch 2 is only a little over three months old.
  • The Pixel Watch 3 is expected to come in two sizes, unlike its predecessor, the Pixel Watch 2, which only came in a 41mm size. This would bring Google in line with many of its rivals, such as Apple, Samsung, and Garmin.
  • It is unclear whether Google intends to retain the 41mm case size for the smaller Pixel Watch 3 variant, or shrink it further.
  • If Google succeeds in expanding the Pixel Watch 3’s case diameter, it could potentially fit a larger battery into a thinner overall package.
  • While there is still much that is uncertain about the third-gen Pixel Watch, the rumor suggests that Google is pleased with the performance and user experience of its latest smartwatch and is now focusing on design revisions and refinements.

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Is it too soon to chatter about Google’s next big rival to the Apple Watch? It might seem so, especially since the Pixel Watch 2 is barely three months old. For now, there’s no reason to anticipate the launch of the Pixel Watch 3 before October 2024.

But here we are, discussing the Pixel Watch 3. A credible rumor about this far-off Wear OS-powered smartwatch has surfaced. So, like it or not, we’re now speculating about potential specs and changes compared to its fairly well-received predecessor.

A recent 9To5Google report, based on a chat with a “source familiar with the matter,” focuses on one specific expected change. It seems the next-gen smartwatch from Big G could come in two sizes next fall. This would offer more flexibility than the single 41mm size of the Pixel Watch 2 and the first-gen Pixel Watch.

This isn’t a surprising “upgrade”. It’s a move that aligns Google with competitors like Apple, Samsung, and even Garmin. The real question is whether Google plans to keep the 41mm case size or shrink it for the smaller Pixel Watch 3 variant.

Take the Apple Watch Series 9, for example. It comes in 41 and 45mm sizes. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a bit more compact, with 40 and 44mm cases. The single-size Pixel Watch 2 is thicker than all four of these devices. But if Google manages to increase the Pixel Watch 3’s case diameter, they could fit a larger battery into a slimmer package.

At this point, we’re in the dark about the third-gen Pixel Watch’s specifics. But this rumor is a promising start. It suggests Google is satisfied with its latest smartwatch’s performance and user experience. Now, they’re shifting focus to design tweaks and refinements. These might seem minor but could be game-changers for Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch users seeking a brand switch and a change of pace.

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