Google Play Store App Adds Extra Tap for Search Functionality

What you should know


  • Google Play Store is undergoing a UI refresh that removes the Search bar from the top of the Games and Apps tabs, instead adding a Search tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • The new Search tab opens a page with a search bar at the top and features sections like “You might like” and “Explore games” with various categories for users to explore.
  • Not all Android users have received this new UI update yet, indicating it’s being rolled out via a server-side update.
  • The removal of the Search bar from its original position adds an additional step for users when conducting a search in the Play Store.


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Oh, the Google Play Store. It’s like that friend who changes their hairstyle every few months. You know, just to keep things fresh. According to the folks over at 9to5Google, there’s a new tweak in town. Google’s decided the Search bar at the top? Yeah, it’s old news. They’re scrapping it from the Games and Apps tabs. But hey, don’t panic, Play Store aficionados.

Instead of reaching up, you’ll now be tapping a bit lower. Google’s rolling out a shiny new Search tab, right at the bottom of your screen. Remember December? When Google was playing around with this look? Seems like they liked it.

Tap that Search tab, and boom – you’re greeted with a search bar up top. Below that, there are these neat little chips. They’re lined up, cozy and snug, two by two. They whisper sweet nothings like, “You might like” and “Explore games.” Under “You might like,” there are 12 of these chips, each a gateway to a new adventure. We’re talking AI apps, 3D games, offline games – even car and shooting games. Not to mention photo editors, horror, cricket, racing simulation, mobile payments apps, photo albums, and, yep, vehicle games.

Then there’s “Explore games.” It’s a bit more focused, with eight categories. Action, simulation, puzzle, adventure, racing, role-playing, strategy, sports. The variety! The excitement!

Where the Search bar once reigned supreme, now there’s just… space. A void. Well, not entirely. The Play Store logo’s chilling on the left, and your profile icon’s hanging out on the right.

Now, here’s the kicker. Not everyone’s in on this party yet. Google’s being all mysterious, rolling out this update server-side. My Pixel 6 Pro? Running Android 14 QPR 3 Beta 2, and I’m still waiting. It’s not exactly a revolution, but it’s something. Adds a bit of a tap dance to your search routine in the Play Store.

And hey, if you’re curious whether you’ve been chosen by the Google gods, just pop open the Play Store on your Android device. Peek at the bottom. See a Search tab? Congrats! You’ve been bestowed the dubious honor of navigating this new UI. Enjoy the journey, and maybe find some cool apps along the way.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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