Google Releases Second April Update to Fix Pixel 7 and 8 Network Issues

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  • Last month, owners of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series experienced various network issues, including random call drops and receiving text messages in batches, following the March 2024 monthly update.
  • Despite the release of the April 2024 update, the network issues remained unresolved, prompting Google to roll out a second April update specifically to address these problems.
  • The second April update for Pixel phones, which includes performance improvements for LTE call/data and network issues, started rolling out to Pixel 8 and Pixel 7 devices on Verizon late last week.
  • Google has acknowledged the network and connectivity issues affecting some Pixel users and is reaching out directly to affected users via email, assuring them that a fix is on the way.


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Oh boy, last month was a bit of a rollercoaster for Pixel 7 and 8 series owners. Right after they got the March 2024 update, things went a bit haywire. Calls? Dropping like flies. Text messages? They decided to play hide and seek, popping up in batches throughout the day. And just when you thought help was on the horizon with the April 2024 update, nope, those pesky issues clung on tighter.

But, wait for it—Google’s not leaving us hanging. They’re rolling out another update this April. Yes, you heard that right, a second one aimed specifically at squashing those annoying network and connectivity bugs. Android Authority spilled the beans on this, saying Pixel peeps should keep their eyes peeled.

This update started sneaking onto Pixel 8 and 7 devices on Verizon’s network just last week. Verizon even dropped a changelog confirming it. They’re promising this new April Pixel update is like a knight in shining armor for LTE call/data and network woes.

Google’s been pretty chatty about the whole situation, too. They’re not just sitting back; they’re reaching out to those affected. Imagine getting an email from Google saying, “Hey, we heard you’re having a tough time. Hold tight, we’re on it.” That’s pretty much what happened with a Reddit user recently.

“Thanks for sticking with us,” Google’s saying. They’re pushing this update to Pixel 7 and newer phones, promising a smoother ride on the network waves. This isn’t just a local party—it’s going global, hitting all the regions and carriers that got the short end of the stick.

And guess what? Verizon’s changelog wasn’t just about the network fixes. They sneaked in the monthly security patch too, previously rolled out to Pixel phones. The update’s got a fancy code name: AP1A.240405.002.B1.

The folks on Verizon with Pixel phones, they’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Calls? They’re sticking. Texts? No more playing catch-up. It’s like the update waved a magic wand over their devices.

So, if your Pixel’s still giving you the silent treatment or sending texts whenever it feels like it, don’t lose hope. Google’s on the case, and that fix is zipping its way to you as we speak. Hang tight, because better days are just an update away.

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