Google Removes Features from Pixel 8 Series Prior to Announcement

What you should know

– Pixel 8 series introduces Face Unlock for secure payment verification with Google Pay
– Pixel 8 series includes the Magic Editor feature for resizing objects and adjusting photo elements
– Three features were scrapped from the Pixel 8 line before launch: DisplayPort Alternate Mode, 8K video recording, and 720p@480fps super slow motion
– The removed features might be available in future Pixel models

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The Pixel 8 series has introduced several improvements over its predecessors, the Pixel 6 line. One notable enhancement is the Face Unlock feature, which allows users to verify their identity when making payments using Google Pay. Utilizing AI and Machine Learning, the face recognition system provides sufficient security for user verification. This is an upgrade from the less secure Face Unlock on the Pixel 7 series, which required users to rely on fingerprint scanning for biometric verification.

Another noteworthy addition to the Pixel 8 series is the Magic Editor. Building upon the Magic Eraser feature, this new tool enables users to resize and reposition objects within photos that have already been processed. Moreover, users can adjust the time of day, background, and lighting settings. With the Best Take feature, Pixel 8 users can even replace the face of an individual in a group photo with another image of the same person, but with a more favorable expression.

However, not all planned features made it into the Pixel 8 line. During investigations into the Pixel 8’s device tree, several features were found to have been removed at the last minute. These abandoned features include 8K video recording, 480fps slow-motion videos, and display output support. While disappointing for some users, it is important to note that not everyone necessarily requires these features. Nonetheless, there is hope that these functionalities will be available in future iterations of the Pixel series, such as the Pixel 9 or even the Pixel 10 in 2025.

In conclusion, the Pixel 8 series introduces significant improvements to its predecessor, with enhanced Face Unlock security and the innovative Magic Editor. While some planned features, including 8K video recording and display output support, were excluded from the final release, users can still enjoy the multitude of new features offered by the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. The Pixel line continuously evolves, and it is likely that these missing features will make an appearance in future iterations of Google’s flagship smartphones.

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Derrick Flynn
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