Google Renames Nearby Share, Start Searching for It Now

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– Google and Samsung may be planning to unify their file-sharing services, with Google renaming its ‘Nearby Share’ service to ‘Quick Share’, which is the name of Samsung’s file-sharing solution.
– The renaming of Google’s service was noticed after a Google Mobile Services (GMS) update to version 23.50.13, and was accompanied by a new icon that closely resembles the icons of both ‘Nearby Share’ and ‘Quick Share’.
– The potential unification of the two services is speculated to be a result of a collaboration between Google and Samsung, although no official confirmation has been made.
– The ‘Quick Share’ feature allows users to share files between devices by activating the feature, selecting a file to share, and accepting the file transfer request on the receiving device.

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Google and Samsung might be joining forces again. This time, it’s about their file-sharing services. Android experts Mishaal Rahman and Kamila Wojciechowska seem to think so. Their social media posts, just minutes apart, hint at this possibility.

Google’s renaming of Nearby Share to Quick Share is the key clue. Quick Share, you ask? Yeah, that’s the name of Samsung’s file-sharing service. Kamila tweeted about a recent GMS update and a notification that followed.

Mishaal Rahman also chimed in. He shared an article that explores the possibility of Google rebranding Nearby Share to Quick Share. He points out that Quick Share is the name of Samsung’s file-sharing service on Galaxy devices. Could these two services be merging?

Google’s latest actions fuel the speculation. The tech giant is renaming its Nearby Share service to Quick Share. If you’re a Samsung user, you’d know that Quick Share is Samsung’s file-sharing service.

According to Kamila Wojciechowska, the renaming happened after installing the GMS update with version 23.50.13. There’s also a notification bubble that introduces the new name. The message reads, “Look for the new name and icon to share with nearby devices.”

Google has reportedly updated the branding throughout Android’s user interface. There’s a new icon too. It looks a lot like the original icons of Nearby Share and Quick Share. So, a service merger with Samsung seems probable.

One X user commented, “If they partnered with Samsung and made it interoperable, then perfect, but if they didn’t and just renamed it out of nowhere then it’s a terrible decision”.

So, how does one use Samsung’s Quick Share? First, ensure the Quick Share feature is activated on both phones. Open the notification panel on the other device, swipe downwards, and tap Quick Share to activate it. If the Quick Share icon doesn’t appear in your Quick settings panel, you might need to add it.

Next, launch the Gallery app and select an image. Tap the Share button and select a device to transfer the image. Accept the file transfer request on the other device.

Having trouble connecting? Swipe down from the top of your screen to open Quick Settings. Touch and hold the Quick Share icon. Tap the switch next to “Show my position to others”. This lets nearby devices see your device when they are using Quick Share. This option will only show if Quick Share is enabled.

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