Google Replaces Fitbit Pay with Google Wallet

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  • Google is phasing out Fitbit-related services and transitioning users to Google’s services, continuing its trend of absorbing acquired companies.
  • Fitbit Pay is being replaced by Google Wallet, aiming to expand the availability of banks and cards for contactless payments on Fitbit devices.
  • Fitbit Pay will remain operational until July 29, but beyond this date, users cannot add new cards and are encouraged to switch to Google Wallet.
  • Users in Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Taiwan will have the option to continue using Fitbit Pay beyond the July 29 transition deadline.


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Oh, Google. At it again, huh? They’re kinda known for gobbling up companies, then, poof, their identities vanish. Fitbit? Yeah, it’s on the chopping block now. Not shocking, but still a bummer for the brand loyalists out there.

So, here’s the skinny if you’re still rocking a Fitbit on your wrist. Google’s slowly nudging you towards their own playground. Emails have started to flood in, signaling the end of Fitbit Pay. The baton’s being passed to Google Wallet.

Got one of those emails myself. “We’re updating our contactless payments feature,” it said. From Fitbit Pay to Google Wallet. Sounds fancy, right? The upside? More banks and cards to tap and go with on your Fitbit gear.

But here’s the kicker. Fitbit Pay’s curtain call is July 29. After that, no new cards can join the party. Already got a card that Google Wallet doesn’t play nice with? No sweat. Google Wallet’s got a hefty list of alternatives to pick from.

Wanna keep swiping your wrist post-July 29? You’ll need to buddy up with Google Wallet. Make sure your Fitbit app is fresh (version 4.14.1 or newer). Dive in and set it up.

Oh, and for our friends in Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Taiwan, you’ve got a free pass. Fitbit Pay won’t be saying sayonara for you folks just yet. You’ve got until at least July 29, 2024, to enjoy the convenience.

So, there you have it. The times, they are a-changin’. Google’s reshaping the Fitbit experience, one email at a time. Whether we like it or not, it’s happening. Stay tuned, and maybe cross your fingers your card’s on the cool list with Google Wallet.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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