Google Reportedly Developing AI Summaries for Google Chat

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  • Google Chat may be introducing AI-powered on-demand summaries, allowing users to generate concise summaries of conversations whenever needed.
  • The on-demand summary feature, powered by Google’s AI language model Gemini, aims to highlight key points in a conversation, making it easier for users to catch up on missed discussions.
  • Google plans to include a disclaimer within the AI-generated summaries to inform users of potential limitations and inaccuracies, while also allowing feedback to improve the model over time.
  • Although the rollout of this feature is not confirmed, it aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI summaries across its Workspace suite, suggesting a potential expansion to Google Chat.


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Ever found yourself lost in a sea of Google Chat messages? You know, trying to piece together the puzzle of last week’s endless meeting. Well, Google might have your back soon. Yep, you heard that right.

New code snippets hint at something pretty cool: AI-powered summaries on demand in Google Chat. Currently, the app tries its best to give us a rundown of our chats. But let’s be honest, they’re kinda hit or miss. Enter the new feature, spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at AssembleDebug (hat tip to PiunikaWeb), that’s about to change the game.

Imagine this. You’re about to dive into another meeting (because they never end, do they?) and you need a quick catch-up on a chat from days ago. With a simple long-press, Google’s brainy AI, Gemini, whips up a neat summary for you. Just like that, you’re in the loop, catching all the key points without the headache.

But, here’s the kicker. These summaries? Pure AI magic. And like any magic trick, sometimes it’s not perfect. Google’s being upfront about it, planning to slap a disclaimer on these summaries. “Hey, we’re trying our best, but we might miss the mark,” or something along those lines, found hidden in the code.

And because Google loves to get better (who doesn’t?), you’ll get to throw in your two cents on these summaries. Your feedback could help Gemini grow smarter, making future summaries sharper and more on point.

For anyone glued to Google Chat for work, this could be a game-changer. Long, winding conversations that used to be a chore to navigate? Not anymore. This feature could make keeping up a breeze.

But don’t hold your breath just yet. This sneak peek came from code-sleuthing, not an official announcement. So, it’s a bit like finding a treasure map without the “X” marked. However, with AI summaries already jazzing up Gmail, it’s not a stretch to think they’ll pop up in Google Chat and other Google Workspace apps soon.

So, fingers crossed, and let’s hope Google rolls this out. Because, honestly, who wouldn’t want their own AI assistant to make sense of the chaos that is our digital conversations?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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