Google Stops Selling Pixel 6a in Official Store: End of an Era

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  • Google has officially removed the Pixel 6a, a budget-friendly option of the Pixel 6 family, from its online store, two years after its initial announcement.
  • The removal of the Pixel 6a from the Google Store redirects users to the Pixel 7a listing, indicating a shift in focus towards the newer budget model.
  • Despite its discontinuation, the Pixel 6a remains available through other retailers, though the Pixel 7a is recommended for those seeking a budget Pixel device due to its upgrades.
  • Anticipation for the upcoming Pixel 8a, expected to be announced at Google I/O 2024, suggests waiting for its launch could offer better value or savings on older models.


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Well, it seems like Google’s decided it’s time to say goodbye to the Pixel 6a. Yep, the more wallet-friendly sibling in the Pixel 6 fam is getting the boot from their online shop. This move comes exactly two years after the phone first made its grand entrance. Remember how it was all the rage with its fresh design and that snazzy camera bar? Droid Life was the first to catch on; they noticed the 6a’s page vanished into thin air this week from the Google Store. And if you try to sneak your way to its old page, bam! You’re rerouted to the Pixel 7a’s page, which, by the way, popped up last May.

Oh, and just so you know, except for a few lonely phone cases, it’s like the Pixel 6a never existed on Google’s site. Poof, gone.

Now, onto the juicy bit from Phone Arena. The Pixel 6a’s ghosting act from the Google Store? Not exactly a jaw-dropper. With Google I/O 2024 peeking around the corner (mark your calendars for May 14th, folks), the spotlight’s about to swing over to the shiny new Pixel 8a. But hey, don’t toss the Pixel 6a into the “old news” pile just yet. It’s still a solid pick and guess what? You can still snag it from places like Amazon and Woot. Though, gotta say, the Pixel 7a does kick it up a notch in pretty much every way. So, if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly Pixel, the 7a’s your best bet right now.

But here’s a thought. If you’re not in a mad rush, maybe hold off for a bit longer. The Pixel 8a’s big reveal isn’t too far off, and who knows? Waiting might just score you some sweet deals on the older models, including the 7a. Plus, the rumor mill’s churning out some interesting tidbits about the 8a. Word on the street is it’s gonna be packed with features that give it a more premium vibe, though your wallet might feel a tad heavier lift. But hey, could be worth it, right?

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Derrick Flynn
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