Google Switches to Passkeys as Default Sign-in for Personal Accounts

What you should know

– Google is making passkeys the default sign-in method for personal Google accounts.
– Passkeys are passwordless and phishing-resistant, making them more secure and easier to use than passwords.
– Users will start seeing prompts to create and use passkeys when signing in to their accounts, simplifying future sign-ins.
– Users can still use a password on sites or apps that have yet to adopt passkeys, thanks to the “Skip password when possible” toggle in account settings.

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Google is taking a significant step towards a passwordless future by making passkeys the default sign-in method for personal Google accounts. Passkeys are a more secure and easier-to-use alternative to passwords. Previously, passkeys were available as an additional sign-in option, but now Google is actively promoting their use by displaying prompts for users to create and use passkeys when signing in. Additionally, users will have the option to “Skip password when possible” in their Google account settings.

To use a passkey, users can create one on their device using biometric methods such as fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, or a PIN. Passkeys can then be used to sign in to websites and apps that support them. This eliminates the need for complex passwords and the risk of writing them down. Passkey data is not saved on the site or app itself, adding an extra layer of security.

Google recognizes that passkeys won’t immediately become the industry standard and acknowledges that passwords will still be in use for some time. However, the company is actively encouraging others to adopt passkeys to move closer to a passwordless future. By simplifying the sign-in process and enhancing security, passkeys have the potential to revolutionize how users access their accounts and protect their personal information.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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