Google tests Reminder feature for Photos app for bill payment

What you should know

  • Google Photos app is adding a new AI-based Reminder feature
  • Calendar permission has been added in a recent version of the app
  • The Reminder feature will help with bills and invoices, and is hidden behind a flag
  • The AI will help determine if the photo is an invoice and the reminders appear instantly on Google Calendar

Full Story

Google Photos is introducing a new AI-based feature that will help users keep track of important documents such as bills and invoices. This new feature will prevent users from forgetting to make payments on time, ultimately saving them from incurring late charges. The addition of Calendar permission to the Google Photos app suggests that a Reminder feature is on the way.

Once this feature is enabled, users will be able to set reminders for their invoices by simply selecting a photo of the invoice and tapping on the “Set Reminder” chip. The AI technology will help identify whether the photo contains relevant information such as text or dates, and then prompt the user to name the invoice, select a Calendar account, and choose the date and time for the reminder. The link to the photo will also be automatically included in the reminder.

According to AssembleDebug, the reminders will appear instantly on Google Calendar, making it easier for users to stay organized and avoid missing important payment deadlines. This new feature has the potential to not only be useful, but also a money saver for those who struggle with forgetfulness when it comes to paying bills.

In conclusion, Google Photos’ upcoming AI-based reminder feature is an innovative and practical addition that will benefit users by helping them stay on top of their bill payments and avoid unnecessary late fees.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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