Google to Enhance Circle to Search Feature and Merge Search with Lens Results

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  • Google’s “Circle to Search” feature, launched with the Samsung Galaxy S24, aims to simplify information search using Google Lens’s visual search capabilities.
  • The feature is currently too sensitive, often activating accidentally during normal phone navigation, but Google acknowledges this issue and is working on improvements.
  • Future enhancements for “Circle to Search” include real-time translation and a more integrated experience between Google Lens and Google Search results.
  • Despite its current limitations, Google believes in the feature’s potential to transform user interaction with on-screen information and plans to continue its development.


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Google’s on a mission to tweak how we dig up info online. You’ve seen the Google search bar, right? And that Assistant button? Well, now there’s this thing called “Circle to Search.” Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But, like any fresh-out-the-box feature, it’s not without its hitches. Mainly, it’s a tad too sensitive.

But hey, Google’s on it. They’ve promised to iron out those creases.

So, let’s take a step back. “Circle to Search” popped up with the Samsung Galaxy S24. It’s got a bit of that Google Lens magic sprinkled in. Here’s the deal: you long-press your navigation bar or home button, draw a circle around whatever’s got you curious, and bam—search results galore.

Problem is, this feature can get a bit jumpy. Accidentally trigger it when you’re just trying to navigate? Happens more than you’d think. Google’s got ears, though. On the “Made by Google” podcast, Erin Lynch and Alistair Pott—two brains behind the operation—spilled the beans. They’re tweaking it, making it less hair-trigger (hat tip to 9to5Google for the scoop).

But here’s the kicker: Circle to Search leans on Google Lens for the heavy lifting. Think image searches, text recognition. The dream? It only pops up when you actually want it. “We’re not there yet,” admits Lynch, “but we’re on it.”

And get this: they’ve got big dreams. Real-time translation, fusing Lens with Search for some next-level tool. Lynch and Pott are jazzed about making it all seamless. Inside Google, text copying’s the hot ticket. They reckon we’ll all be on board soon.

What’s really exciting? Lens and Search are becoming best buds. Imagine asking a visual question and getting a whole grid of similar images. Plus, the actual search results. It’s a slow roll, sure, but it’s happening.

So, give it a whirl. Circle anything. Even try snagging some text. Sounds a bit out there, I know. I was skeptical about the text copy feature, but now? Can’t live without it.

With tweaks on the horizon and new features brewing, Circle to Search isn’t going anywhere. It’s set to revolutionize our screen interactions, even if it’s not quite there yet. As it hits more devices, who knows what’s next?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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