Google to Relaunch Pixel Tablet for Skeptics of Love at First Sight

What you should know


  • Google is planning to relaunch the Pixel Tablet with new official accessories, including an optional stylus and Bluetooth keyboard, in an effort to make the device more versatile and appealing.
  • The relaunched Pixel Tablet will be available without the Charging Speaker Dock, allowing customers to purchase the tablet alone or with any accessory, aiming to reduce the overall cost and enhance competitiveness.
  • Accessories for the Pixel Tablet, such as the stylus and Bluetooth keyboard, will be available in Hazel and Porcelain colors, each costing €100, with the total package potentially being more affordable than the original bundle.
  • A rumored dark gray variant of the Pixel Tablet may also be introduced, adding a new color option to the lineup and potentially generating additional interest in the product.


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Google, in a stroke of innovation, introduced the Pixel Tablet as more than just a gadget. It’s a home helper, complete with a Charging Speaker Dock. Can you believe it’s been almost a year since its debut? Yet, whispers of a successor for a May reveal at the I/O conference—where they’re saying the Pixel 8a might drop—are scarce.

To spice things up, it seems the folks over at Mountain View are plotting a comeback for the Pixel Tablet. But with a twist. Starting at a cool $499, this tablet isn’t just any tablet. It cozies up on a dock, doubling as a smart display when you’re not actively using it. Though it’s technically ready for keyboard and stylus action, Google’s been playing hard to get, not selling those add-ons. Yet.

Here’s the scoop from 9to5Google: a relaunch is on the horizon, complete with brand-spanking-new official accessories. Picture this: the Pixel Tablet, but minus the dock. Instead, you get to jazz it up with an optional stylus and a Bluetooth keyboard. And not in just any colors, but Hazel and Porcelain. Fancy, huh? Word on the street, courtesy of leaker MysteryLupin, is that this reveal is set just three days post-Apple‘s May 7 iPad extravaganza.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Each accessory is pegged at €100 a pop. For the first time ever, mix and match is the game, dock included. This strategy could slash the tablet’s price, thrusting it into the ring with 2024’s wallet-friendly champs. Leaks hint at a €600 price tag, undercutting the current bundle by a notch. Considering this tablet first teased us back in 2022, it’s gonna need more than a new wardrobe to turn heads. Maybe, just maybe, that elusive dark gray variant will finally step into the spotlight.

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