Google Unveils New Gems Collection: Ringtones & Alarm Sounds for Pixel Phones

What you should know

– Google has released a new collection of ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm sounds called “Gems” for Pixel phones.
– The new sounds are designed to be richer, more modern, and more vibrant than previous offerings.
– The “Gems” collection includes a total of eight ringtones, nine notification sounds, and nine alarm sounds.
– Pixel phone owners can access the new sounds by opening the Settings app and navigating to the Sound & vibration section.

Full Story

Google has recently introduced a brand new collection of ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm sounds exclusively for Pixel phones. Known as “Gems,” this collection can now be accessed through the Pixel-exclusive Sounds app. This addition joins the already wide range of choices available on Pixel phones, such as “Pixel Sounds” and “Seasonal Celebrations,” which are released during special occasions throughout the year.

While Google continues to enhance the visual customization features of their Pixel smartphones, this update shows that they have not forgotten about sound. The latest update to the Pixel “Sounds” app, version 3.1, offers a more modern and vibrant sound experience compared to previous offerings. In fact, these sounds are more intricate, detailed, and diverse than what is typically found in third-party apps. The collection comprises of eight ringtones, nine notification sounds, and nine alarm sounds, all of which are named to reflect an earthy vibe.

To access these new sounds, Pixel users can simply go to the Sound & vibration section in the Settings app. From there, they can choose the Phone ringtone, Default notification sound, or Default alarm sound options. In each of these menus, users will find the new “Gems” category displayed underneath “Pixel Sounds.” This significant update allows Pixel phone owners to have more options when it comes to personalizing their device’s ringtones and other sounds.

The “Gems” collection provides users with a wide range of styles to choose from, ensuring that there is something for everyone. For a complete customization experience, users can even pair these sounds with matching wallpapers, such as those created by the Pixel Superfan community or the upcoming Pixel AI Wallpapers feature. Overall, this new collection is sure to please Pixel phone owners who value uniqueness and individuality in personalizing their devices.

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