Google Voice Memo Feature Released on Wear OS

What you should know

– Google Messages on Wear OS now allows users to send and listen to voice memos
– Users can choose between sending a voice message or using voice-to-text
– The recording has a 59-second limit and can be sent or listened to from the smartwatch
– The new Pixel Watch 2 comes with fresh apps, including a Gmail app for Wear OS, and improved features such as smoother menus and more precise heart measurements.

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Google Messages is introducing a new feature for its Wear OS app that allows users to send and listen to voice memos on their smartwatches. Previously, tapping the microphone button on the smartwatch would activate the voice-to-text mode. However, with the latest update, users will now see two buttons when they tap the microphone—one for Voice messages and one for Voice-to-text. This new feature gives users the ability to easily record and send voice memos during conversations.

When using the Voice messages option, a progress ring will appear on the smartwatch screen as the recording starts. Users have a 59-second time limit to record their message before they can stop and send it. The added convenience is that smartwatch users can also listen to voice messages directly from their wrists, without having to reach for their smartphones.

In addition to the new messaging feature, Google has also released its latest devices—the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro—alongside the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2. The Pixel Watch 2 comes with several new apps for the smartwatch, including a Gmail app for Wear OS. This allows users to effortlessly check their inbox and open messages on the go, directly from their wrist.

Aside from the new apps, the Pixel Watch 2 includes enhanced features. Thanks to an upgraded chip, menus on the smartwatch are smoother and heart rate measurements are more accurate. The battery life has also received a slight boost, and the watch is designed to stay securely on the charger, eliminating the problem of accidentally knocking it off.

Overall, these updates and new releases from Google offer users more convenience and functionality when using their smartwatches. The ability to send and listen to voice memos on the wrist, along with new apps and improved features, enhance the communication and usability of smartwatches.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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