Google Wallet Launches Apple Wallet Pass Files Support

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  • Google Wallet introduced a feature allowing users to share boarding passes and event tickets via a link, especially targeting users without the app, like iOS users.
  • A new update enables Google Wallet to support Apple Wallet passes, including the ability to import digital passes saved in Apple’s .pkpass format, aiming to reduce the disparity with Apple Wallet’s widespread adoption.
  • The update signifies a move towards standardizing the process of adding tickets and passes across Android and iPhone devices, potentially improving convenience and integration for users.
  • Although the functionality to import .pkpass files into Google Wallet is rolling out, it remains a server-side update, and its availability may vary among users.


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Oh, remember last year? Google Wallet decided to shake things up a bit. They rolled out this nifty feature that let folks share boarding passes and event tickets with a simple link. Pretty handy, right? Especially for those who didn’t have the app. I’m looking at you, iOS users.

Fast forward to now, and there’s this fresh update hitting the streets. It’s like Google Wallet and Apple Wallet decided to play nice. Now, Apple Wallet passes can cozy up in Google Wallet too. Mishaal Rahman, an Android guru, spilled the beans on this one. He’s got his eye on the tech pulse, always.

So, why does this matter? Apple’s been leading the pack with its Wallet. It’s everywhere, from coffee shops to concert halls. And it’s slick, offering that smooth “Add to Apple Wallet” button we’ve all seen. Google’s been a bit behind in this race, but hey, they’re catching up.

Here’s the kicker: Google Wallet might just start speaking Apple’s language. Yeah, those .pkpass files? Google’s opening its doors to them. Heard it through the grapevine—or more accurately, a Telegram chat. Though, it’s a bit hit or miss for now. Some say it’s working; others are just getting digital tumbleweeds.

Big thanks to Cob on Telegram for the heads-up. It’s like finding a hidden gem in a sea of tech updates. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This whole “Add to Google Wallet” thing isn’t as common as we’d like. Yet, this move could be a game-changer, making life easier for both Android and iPhone users.

Imagine that—Android devices stepping up their game. Offering the same convenience and integration as their Apple counterparts. Google Wallet’s bridging the digital divide, one ticket at a time.

Google made a promise, and it looks like they’re starting to deliver. Some Android users are already seeing the magic happen with “pkpass” files. But, as with all things tech, there’s a catch. It’s all up to the whims of a server-side update from Google.

Let’s see how this plays out. Could be a win for consumers, making Google Wallet on Android devices more user-friendly. Here’s hoping for smoother digital experiences ahead.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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