Google Wallet: Pay for Bus or Train with Bank Card, No ID Verification Needed

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  • Google has introduced a new feature in Google Wallet that allows users to pay for transit without needing to verify their identity using a credit or debit card, aiming to speed up the process of purchasing city bus or train tickets.
  • The new “Verification settings” within Google Wallet enable users to choose whether they need to verify their identity for payments and passes, with a specific setting for “Transit payments” that can be toggled on or off.
  • When “Verification required” is turned off for transit payments, users won’t need to verify their identity before paying for transit with their default credit or debit card, even if the phone is locked, though verification is still needed for other types of payments.
  • Disabling the “Verification required” setting for transit payments does not compromise the overall security of Google Wallet for other purchases, as identity verification is still required for non-transit transactions.


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So, imagine this: You’re rushing to catch the Metro, and you’ve got Google Wallet ready to smooth your way. If you’ve got a transit card, you’re golden—no ID checks needed. But, ah, if you don’t, things get a bit more tangled. Normally, your virtual wallet would pick a card, and you’d need to prove it’s really you, either by a fingerprint scan or punching in your PIN. And let’s be honest, that can be a drag, especially when every second counts to hop on that bus or train.

Google’s got our backs, though. They’ve rolled out this nifty update that lets you breeze through buying your ticket. No more ID verifications when you’re just trying to pay for transit with your credit or debit card. It’s like they know we’ve got places to be, pronto.

Here’s the scoop on how it works. Dive into your Google Wallet app and hit that profile icon, top right corner. Then, tap on Wallet settings. If you’re up to date, you’ll spot a new “Security” section. Right now, it’s all about “Transit payments.”

So, under “Transit payment,” there’s a bit about verification for city bus or metro rides. Tap that, and you land on a page that’s all, “Hey, wanna skip verification for transit?” It’s set to look for transit cards first, which never ask for ID. No transit card? It might charge your default credit or debit card.

On this “Transit payments” page, you’ve got the power. Toggle “Verification required” on or off. Off means you’re in the clear—no need to prove who you are before you pay for transit, even if your phone’s locked. But remember, for anything else, you’ll still need to verify.

Just a heads up, though. Turning off “Verification required” doesn’t open the floodgates for anyone who nabs your phone to go wild with your Google Wallet. They might snag a ride on your dime, sure. But your entire bank account? Safe and sound.

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