Google Wallet Update: Simplified Menu and Quicker Payment Card Access

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  • Google Wallet introduced a menu change, replacing “Tap to pay setup” with “Payment setup” to simplify managing payment cards.
  • The “Participating banks” option is now “Payment methods,” directly showing saved payment cards and allowing for easy addition and customization of card order.
  • Despite the changes, the setup checklist for contactless payments remains visible even after setup, a point noted for potential improvement.
  • The update, part of Google Wallet version 24.14.x or later, aims to streamline the user experience, emphasizing ease-of-use and security for contactless payments.


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Oh, hey! Did you catch the latest on Google Wallet? They’ve spruced up their menu, making it a tad easier to juggle those payment cards. It’s a small tweak, but boy, does it make a difference.

Now, the biggest thing you’ll notice is the switcheroo from “Tap to pay setup” to “Payment setup.” Just a heads up, though – tapping on it whisks you away to the same ol’ checklist for setting up contactless payments. But, here’s the kicker: once you’re done, you can’t tuck the checklist away. Kinda wish Google would patch this up, right? It’d clean up the interface nicely.

And then, there’s this new kid on the block – “Payment setup” has taken the place of “Tap to pay setup.” Got to admit, it’s a slick move.

When you dive into setting up your payment methods, you’ll stumble upon the “Payment methods” option. It’s booted out the old “Participating banks” choice. Honestly, it’s a solid upgrade. Takes you straight to your stash of saved cards. Shows off your go-to card, complete with all the security jazz like on-device encryption. And adding new cards? Piece of cake. There’s even this nifty “Edit card order” trick to line up your cards just how you like ’em.

But, just a heads up from the folks over at 9to5Google – it’s still a bit of a mystery if “Participating banks” is gonna vanish for good or just scoot over to another corner of the Wallet settings. For the time being, there’s still a Google support page listing all the compatible banks. Super handy for Wallet newbies.

Haven’t spotted the changes yet? Keep your eyes peeled for Google Wallet version 24.14.x or something fresher. Might’ve been a sneaky server-side update. Sure, it’s a subtle shift, but it’s clear Google’s all in on making the Wallet experience smoother. And let’s be real, when it comes to handling our cash digitally, especially with contactless payments, we’re all for anything that makes life a smidge easier.

Props to 9to5Google for the images, by the way.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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