Google’s alternative navigation app: Is it losing its way like Waze?

What you should know

– Waze has received many one-star reviews in the Google Play Store
– Waze experienced a bug that caused white light in dark mode on CarPlay, which took a month to fix
– Google Maps offers similar features to Waze, but also recommends places to stay and offers entertainment options
– Complaints about Waze include app crashing, missing traffic support, disappearing planned trips, and lag issues

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Waze, the popular navigation app owned by Google, has been receiving a lot of negative feedback on the Google Play Store. One of the recent issues faced by Waze users was the malfunctioning of dark mode on CarPlay, which resulted in blinding white light during evening hours. It took a whole month for Waze to release a bug fix for this problem. Despite being owned by Google, many of Waze’s best features have already been incorporated into Google Maps. While Google Maps provides users with directions, it also recommends places to stay, eat, and find entertainment at their destination. On the other hand, Waze focuses solely on navigation and offers unique features such as customizable voices. However, users have complained about various issues with Waze, including crashes, missing traffic support, disappearing trips, laggy performance, and incorrect routes. Some users suggest that Waze should prioritize bug fixes and useful features instead of offering gimmicks like silly voices. The future of Waze remains uncertain, as some believe that merging it with Google Maps would create a powerful navigation app. However, sources indicate that Google intends to keep the two apps separate but closely connected. It is important for Google to understand why certain users, such as ride-share drivers, prefer Google Maps over Waze in order to retain Waze’s user base. Ultimately, the choice between Waze and other navigation apps comes down to personal preference and ease of use.

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