Google’s Files App Adds Built-in Document Scanner for Pixel Phones

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  • Google is introducing a document scanner feature to the Files by Google app, which does not require a new app version for access as it’s part of a server-side update.
  • The new feature adds a “Scan” button in the app, enabling users to digitize documents using their Pixel phone’s rear camera, with options for auto-capturing or manual scan area selection.
  • Scanned documents are saved as PDF files in a new “Scanned” collection within the app, facilitating easy organization and access.
  • Alongside the document scanner update, Google is also rolling out the March 2024 software update for Pixel devices, which includes bug fixes, enhancements, and new AI features like Circle to Search.


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Oh, joy! Pixel phone owners, you’re in for a real treat. It looks like Google’s got something up its sleeve to make your user experience even sweeter. Thanks to the scoop from Mishaal Rahman (hat tip to Android Authority), there‚Äôs buzz about a new document scanner feature sliding into the Files by Google app. And guess what? It’s rolling out via a server-side update. That means no fussing around with app updates to get your hands on it.

Here’s the skinny: The Files by Google app is sprucing up with a shiny new “scan” button. This nifty addition is your gateway to turning those pesky paper documents into sleek PDFs. They’ll be neatly tucked away in a “Scanned” folder right under “Documents”. And yes, the path to this digital treasure trove is /Files by Google/Scanned. Mishaal Rahman even dropped a tweet on March 7, 2024, giving us a peek at this feature. Feels like Christmas came early, doesn’t it?

So, you’ve fired up the app and there it is – the “Scan” button, winking at you from the bottom right corner. A tap is all it takes to kick things off with your Pixel’s rear camera. Want the app to do its magic automatically or fancy taking control by selecting the scan area yourself? Your call. And if you’re feeling artsy, go ahead and crop, rotate, clean up, or slap on a filter to your heart’s content.

After the scanning sorcery concludes, your documents transform into PDFs and settle down in the new “Scanned” folder. It’s kinda like the document scanner in the Google Drive app, but this one’s baked right into Files by Google, processing everything on your device. Neat, huh?

Word on the street is, this feature is already making rounds among Pixel device users. Got a Pixel? Might be worth a peek to see if this handy tool has graced your device yet.

But wait, there’s more! Google didn’t just stop with the scanner. They’ve been busy bees, rolling out the March 2024 software update for Pixels. This bundle of joy comes with bug fixes and enhancements to make your Pixel experience smoother. And hold onto your hats, because the March ’24 Pixel Feature Drop is also on its way. This update is a mixed bag of goodies, improving Call Screen and social media functionalities, and even tossing in some new AI features. Ever heard of Circle to Search? It’s making its grand debut on the Pixel 7.

So, there you have it. Google’s keeping the surprises coming, making sure Pixel users have plenty to smile about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some documents to scan.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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