Google’s Upcoming Foldable May Adopt New Name to Align with Pixel 9 Series

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  • The Pixel Fold’s successor might be named the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, indicating Google’s intention to present it as a more mature and polished device.
  • Google is expected to expand the Pixel family with the introduction of the Pixel 9 Pro XL, alongside the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro variants, potentially aligning the Pixel 9 Pro Fold’s launch with the rest of the Pixel 9 lineup in October.
  • Speculations about the Pixel 9 Pro Fold include a massive 8-inch primary panel, a 6.29-inch secondary display, an improved Tensor G4 processor, up to 16GB RAM with 512GB storage, and a totally redesigned camera setup.
  • Despite the potential for a more competitive pricing strategy to challenge Samsung‘s dominance in the foldable market, Google’s limited market push might hinder the Pixel 9 Pro Fold’s success.


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Oh, the Pixel Fold. As first-gen gadgets go, it was a bit of a show-off. Last year, it dazzled us with a nifty cover screen, those classic Google-caliber cameras, a design that made sense, and battery life that didn’t quit. But, let’s be real, it wasn’t without its flaws. Enter the sequel we’ve all been waiting for. This year, Google’s aiming to knock our socks off with even better performance, tougher screens, and software that sticks around.

Now, here’s the kicker. Google might be shaking things up with a new name for its foldable baby. Yep, the device we all knew as the Pixel Fold 2 might strut onto the scene as the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. A mouthful? Absolutely. But it hints at something bigger. Google’s not just iterating; it’s elevating. This isn’t just another foldable. It’s a statement.

But, oh, the drama of naming. Android Authority whispered that “Pixel Fold 2” was still in the running until not too long ago. So, who knows? Maybe Google’s still mulling it over.

Picture this: The Pixel 9, in all its glory, flanked by its Pro, Pro XL, and yes, Pro Fold siblings. From a duo to a quartet, Google’s family is growing. And with whispers of a Pixel 9 Pro XL, the plot thickens. The Pixel 9 Pro Fold’s debut? It’s anyone’s guess. We’re eyeing a fall timeline, but hey, Google loves to keep us on our toes.

Specs? Oh, we’ve got rumors. An 8-inch main display here, a 6.29-inch secondary screen there, and a beefed-up Tensor G4 processor to boot. Not to mention a camera setup that’s all hush-hush and a storage space that’s anything but modest. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s still plenty we don’t know.

Despite the name game, the Pixel Fold’s next act looks to be cut from the same cloth as its February reveal. And pricing? With a fall release, it’s anyone’s guess. But here’s hoping Google’s playing the long game, aiming for volume over margin. Could this be the move that lets Google nip at Samsung’s heels in the foldable market? Time will tell.

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