Gurman Unveils Apple’s Upcoming Product Launch and Software Plans

What you should know

  • Apple is expected to introduce changes to iOS to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which includes opening up access to the payment chip on Apple devices to other mobile wallet providers and adding third-party billing options.
  • The company is also expected to announce new products in the spring, including two new iPads, a new iPad Air model with a bigger screen, overhauled iPad Pros, and M3-powered MacBook Airs.
  • At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple will announce iOS 18 and new generative AI features across Siri, based on a language model called Ajax.
  • Apple’s AI offerings will reportedly include features like auto-summarizing and auto-complete for the company’s core apps and possible integration of AI into other services.

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So, Apple’s Vision Pro is up for grabs now. Pre-order, anyone? Naturally, it gets you thinking – what else is Apple cooking up for 2024?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman spilled the beans on what’s next after the headset’s release. He’s got the inside scoop on the company’s future plans.

EU requirements are making Apple shake things up with iOS. The Digital Markets Act is stepping in, putting the brakes on Apple and other big names like Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft.

As we inch closer to March 7, when DMA comes into play, Gurman says we’ll hear more about changes to the App Store. We’re talking about opening up the payment chip on Apple devices to other mobile wallet providers. And third-party billing options? They’re coming.

But wait, there’s more. Apple’s got a bunch of new products lined up for the spring. Rumor has it, two new iPads are on the way. New iPad Airs, including one with a bigger screen, and revamped iPad Pros.

That’s not all. M3-powered MacBook Airs could also be on the horizon.

June’s the time for the Worldwide Developers Conference. Here, Apple will announce iOS 18, which is expected to be a game-changer. Plus, Siri’s getting some new generative AI features.

Gurman had pointed out before that Apple was lagging behind rivals like Samsung, Google, and Microsoft in generative AI. But it seems like they’re catching up.

Apple’s AI will apparently be based on a language model called Ajax. Expect AI-powered features like auto-summarizing and auto-complete for core apps. And AI integration into other services? It’s a possibility.

Google and Samsung’s latest phones are all about AI. Samsung’s so sure about its AI tools that it might start charging for them in a couple of years.

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