How to Upgrade Your Google Pixel 2 XL with Google’s Gemini AI

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  • Devices running Android 10 and Android 11 can now utilize Google’s Gemini AI, expanding its compatibility beyond the initially supported Android 12 (or later) versions.
  • 2024 is highlighted as a pivotal year for AI in mobile devices, with Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 series being introduced as the “AI phone” alongside the new Galaxy AI features.
  • The Gemini AI can serve as a replacement for Google Assistant on older Android devices, offering a new way to interact with AI technology on devices like the Pixel 2 XL.
  • Google’s Gemini app is continuously updated, introducing new functionalities such as displaying responses in a floating window, enhancing user experience by not taking over the entire screen.


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Oh boy, 2024’s gonna be wild, right? It’s like, the year of AI or something. Remember when we all thought 2023 was jam-packed with AI goodness? Like, the Pixel 8 duo dropping in the fall was pretty cool. But, nope. Samsung had to go all out with their Galaxy S24 line. They were all, “Hey, check out our AI phone,” with their Galaxy AI stuff. Honestly, it felt like we were witnessing some sort of magic.

But hey, let’s not forget about Google’s Gemini AI wizardry. Up until recently, you needed Android 12 or something newer to get it running. Introduced earlier this year, it was kinda exclusive. Now, though, things are changing. Google’s like, “Let’s throw Android 10 and 11 users a bone.” So, if you’re clinging to your Pixel 2 XL for dear life, there’s good news. That old buddy of yours can now run Gemini since it’s on Android 11.

Why bother, you ask? Well, Gemini’s pretty neat as a Google Assistant alternative on these older Android versions. They’ve rolled out this new version, Gemini for Android (v1.0.626720042), and it’s supposed to be the bee’s knees.

And get this, the Gemini app isn’t just sitting pretty. It’s getting all these updates, stuffing in new features and functionalities like there’s no tomorrow. The latest buzz? A feature that lets responses pop up in a floating window is on its way. So, instead of Gemini hogging your entire screen when you ask something, its answer will just chill in a small window. Kinda like how Google Assistant does its thing. This means you can keep doing whatever you were doing on your phone without all that annoying back-and-forth.

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