iMessage Coming to Android Won’t Solve the Real Problem

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– Sunbird announced the Sunbird app in December 2022, claiming it would make it possible for Android users to use iMessage as if they were texting from an iPhone
– Sunbird’s concept has been embraced by another start-up company, Nothing, resulting in the creation of Nothing Chats, a messaging app debuting on the Nothing Phone 2
– People in the US can feel pressured to buy or switch to an iPhone due to the “blue bubble” vs. “green bubble” issue, which can lead to exclusion or bullying
– The adoption of RCS by Apple in 2024 is a game-changer, but it will not solve the core issue of messaging between iPhone and Android users

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Almost a year ago, the company Sunbird revealed the Sunbird app, claiming that it would finally allow Android users to use iMessage on their devices “as if” they were texting from an iPhone. Fast forward to today, and the same concept is being embraced by start-up company Nothing, founded by Carl Pei. The result is the creation of the Nothing Chats messaging app, which is set to debut on the upcoming Nothing Phone 2. While the details about the app’s launch have been delayed, the basic premise of Nothing Chats is to allow users to connect to an Apple ID, send and receive iMessage texts, create and take part in group chats, and exchange media like photos and videos – all from an Android device.
Notably, Sunbird offers a unique feature that allows users to merge all messages from different messaging apps into one, but both Sunbird and Nothing Chats share the same marketing message: “iMessage on Android.” Notwithstanding the promise of bringing iMessage to Android, Nothing Chats is likely to be exclusive to Nothing phones, while Sunbird remains a more open platform. Adding to the complexity, Apple has announced support for RCS messaging for iPhone users, which is set to arrive in 2024, raising the question of whether RCS was the real cause of the disparity between iPhone and Android users, and what might be done to address the issue.
When Apple adds RCS support to the iPhone, it changes the landscape, but it doesn’t immediately solve the disparity between Blue and Green bubbles in messaging. The issue is something deeper, perhaps a fundamental difference of values and acceptable behavior, rather than a simple matter of phone compatibility. It’s a societal issue that extends beyond smartphones and operating systems, impacting the ways in which we communicate and relate to each other.
To be sure, undeniably similar issues have existed in other cultures, such as in Eastern Europe where brand preferences led to discrimination among teenagers. People’s choices and the resulting social issues have existed for a long time, and the color of a virtual bubble in a messaging app serves as a contemporary example of this behavior. Educating children and encouraging self-awareness and acceptance are key ways to combat this issue, which extends beyond the reach of any single company’s technology. Ultimately, it’s a shared responsibility for all users to navigate the complexities of the digital world with respect and understanding, even as technology companies continue to vie for their attention.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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