Insider Reveals Apple iPad Lineup Changes After Tuesday’s 35-Minute Event

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  • Apple‘s “Let Loose” event on May 7th will introduce new iPads, including the first models with OLED displays, and discuss Apple’s AI plans.
  • The new iPad lineup will feature a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an OLED panel, replacing the 2022 model, and a new 12.9-inch iPad Air with an LCD display to offer a more affordable option for large-screen enthusiasts.
  • Upcoming iPad Pro models are expected to be powered by the M4 chip, enhancing AI capabilities, while the new iPad Air models will feature the M2 chip.
  • Apple will also introduce new accessories, including a redesigned Magic Keyboard and an updated Apple Pencil with “Find My” support and a squeeze gesture for quick actions.


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Oh boy, next Tuesday’s gonna be a big one for Apple fans. May 7th, mark it down. Apple’s “Let Loose” event kicks off bright and early at 7 am PT. That’s 10 am for the East Coasters. We’re all buzzing with anticipation, hoping Tim Cook spills some deets on Apple’s AI dreams. Plus, there’s the big reveal of the first new iPads since last year. Yeah, you heard that right.

Get this – we’re talking OLED displays on iPads for the first time ever. A fancy new 12.9-inch iPad Air is hitting the stage alongside its smaller sibling, the 10.9-inch model. And, of course, there’ll be some shiny new accessories to drool over. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who’s pretty much an Apple prophet, says the whole shebang will last about 35 minutes.

Now, about the iPad Pro (2022) – it’s getting a major upgrade. We’re saying goodbye to its current screen and hello to a snazzy OLED panel. And here’s a kicker: Apple skipped launching new iPads in 2023. Can you believe it? Since the dawn of the iPad era in 2010, that was a first. So, you can bet your bottom dollar that folks are thirsty for some new tablet action in 2024.

Gurman’s got the scoop on what’s coming. Picture this: the iPad lineup’s gonna look pretty sweet. We’ve got the ninth-gen iPad with its classic home button, a tenth-gen model that’s ditched the button, and a cute little iPad mini. Not to mention, both iPad Air and iPad Pro models will be flaunting M2 and M4 chips, respectively.

This Tuesday, Apple’s expected to unveil two top-tier iPad Pro models. These bad boys will have their front-facing cameras in landscape mode. Originally, we thought they’d get the M3 chip, but nope – the rumor mill’s buzzing about an even more powerful M4 chip. With those OLED screens, though, brace yourselves for a price jump, especially for the 12.9-inch model.

But hey, Apple’s throwing us a bone. They’re introducing a new 12.9-inch iPad Air with an LCD screen. That means you can snag the biggest iPad without emptying your wallet for an OLED. These new Air models will also rock the landscape camera and run on the M2 chip.

And for those who wanna turn their iPad into a pseudo-laptop, there’s a new Magic Keyboard in town. It’s got a sleek aluminum build. Plus, the latest Apple Pencil might just let you squeeze it to slap on stickers or scribble your signature. “Find My” support? Check. Changeable tips? Double check.

Later down the line, Apple’s planning to drop a next-gen iPad mini and an 11th-gen iPad. So, if you’re in the market for a new tablet, 2024’s looking like a buffet of options. Keep your wallets ready, folks.

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