iOS 17.4 Update Brings New Features and Bug Fixes to iPhone

What you should know


  • iOS 17.4 introduces changes primarily for European users to comply with the Digital Markets Act, offering more options for downloading apps and using non-Apple Pay payment services.
  • The update allows iPhone users to choose different default web browsers and removes the restriction of using only web browsers based on Apple’s WebKit engine.
  • New emojis, transcripts for Apple Podcasts, and an updated Stolen Device Protection feature are available to all users, enhancing the overall iOS experience.
  • Specific updates for iPhone 15 users include detailed information on battery health, helping users decide on servicing needs.


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Oh boy, iOS 17.4 just dropped! And guess what? It’s racing against time, sliding in just before the EU’s big Digital Markets Act deadline. Wanna grab it? Easy peasy. Head over to Settings, hit General, and then tap that Software Update.

Now, for our friends in Europe, this update’s kinda special. Thanks to the Digital Markets Act, which is all about keeping the tech giants in check, you’ve got some new freedoms. Say goodbye to only downloading apps from the App Store. Yep, that’s right.

Before, if you were using an iPhone, you were stuck with web browsers powered by Apple’s WebKit engine. But hold on, iOS 17.4 is changing the game. Apple’s Safari? It’ll gently nudge you, reminding you that, hey, there are other fish in the sea. And for the cherry on top, EU folks can now pay with alternatives to Apple Pay. How cool is that?

But hey, let’s not forget, this update isn’t just about the DMA. There’s stuff in there for everyone. New emojis, anyone? How about a mushroom, a lime, or a broken chain? Plus, those people and body emojis? You can flip ’em any way you like now.

Podcast lovers, you’re in for a treat. Apple Podcasts now come with transcripts. Perfect for when you can’t listen or if you’re hard of hearing. And for those worried about their precious iPhone being swiped, there’s beefed-up Stolen Device Protection.

iPhone 15 users, you’re not left out. There’s more detailed info on your battery’s health now. Things like cycle count and when it was made. Handy for figuring out if it’s time for a check-up.

But, ah, no update’s perfect, right? iOS 17.4 smooths out some rough edges, like those annoying blank contact pics in Find My. And for those juggling two numbers on one iPhone, it fixes that pesky bug that messed with your primary and secondary lines.

So, there you have it. iOS 17.4, packed with goodies and fixes. Whether you’re in the EU or elsewhere, there’s something in it for you.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
With over four years of experience in tech journalism, Derrick has honed his skills and knowledge to become a vital part of the PhonesInsights team. His intuitive reviews and insightful commentary on the latest smartphones and wearable technology consistently provide our readers with valuable information.


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