iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Defect: A Troubling Issue

What you should know

– The iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing screen burn-in issues
– Screen burn-in occurs when an image is left on the screen too long and remains visible
– Some iPhone 15 Pro Max units are suffering from burn-in, including a ghostly image of the virtual QWERTY keyboard
– Burn-in often starts as image retention and can be caused by static apps or screen elements
– The screen burn-in issue may indicate a manufacturing defect and Apple should replace the affected phones under warranty.

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It seems that Apple is facing yet another problem with its latest iPhone model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to reports from iPhone owners on Reddit, some units are experiencing screen burn-in issues. Screen burn-in occurs when an image remains on the screen even after it has been turned off, and this seems to be a problem specifically with OLED displays.

One Redditor shared a particularly alarming image of their iPhone’s virtual QWERTY keyboard burnt into the screen. This raised concerns among other iPhone owners who are experiencing the same issue. Although it seems to be relatively uncommon, with only about five reports so far, it is still a real problem for those affected.

In some cases, burn-in starts as image retention, where a ghost image of a previous screen remains temporarily. However, if not addressed, it can turn into a permanent burn-in. Apps that have static elements, such as Google Maps, are more likely to contribute to this issue. Therefore, it is important to turn off the device if image retention is noticed to prevent burn-in.

While it is unclear whether this problem is due to a manufacturing defect or a broader issue with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, affected users can find solace in knowing that Apple will replace their device. The one-year warranty on new units covers hardware issues like screen burn-in. Those experiencing this problem can either visit the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or call their nearest Apple Store for assistance.

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