iPhone 15 Pro Rear Glass Panel Major Defect Revealed in Photos

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  • The iPhone 15 Pro has been reported to have issues with frayed edges, as observed by some Reddit users. The problem appears to be with the adhesive that binds the back panel of the device.
  • One user reported that Apple identified the issue as incorrect application of the adhesive used to secure the rear glass. The peeling began because the material was protruding from the edge of the device.
  • Users are advised not to pick at or pull the frayed edges, as this could potentially affect the phone’s IP68 dust and water resistance. If the issue is noticed, it is recommended to take the device to an Apple Store or an authorized repair center as soon as possible.
  • While some Reddit users suggested the phone could be a fake or previously repaired incorrectly, the owner denied these possibilities. The issue appears to be a manufacturing defect, but the final determination will be made by Apple.

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The iPhone is generally a sturdy piece of tech. But, hey, manufacturing isn’t always perfect. Just ask Reddit user “mr_rakue” about his iPhone 15 Pro.

He posted some pics on Reddit, showing frayed edges on the lower right corner of the back panel. He uses a modular case, but he doesn’t think it’s the culprit behind his phone’s sorry state.

In his own words, “mr_rakue” says, “I noticed the edges of my iPhone having some sort of adhesive that’s peeling along the edges of the back. Any of you seen this before?” He’s been using a Rhinoshield Mod NX, but he doesn’t see how it could mess up the back. He’s shocked that there’s even adhesive on the back. It feels like the entire back is a sticker that’s about to peel off.”

Another Reddit user, “JDT33658,” had the same issue with his iPhone 15 Pro after just two days. He took his phone to Apple (probably the nearby Apple Store) and they said the adhesive that holds the rear glass was not applied correctly. According to Apple, the phone started peeling because the material was sticking out of the edge of the device.

If this happens to your iPhone, don’t pick at it or pull it. And be careful about exposing the device to water. The material unraveling could be related to the IP68 dust and water resistance of the phone.

Some Redditors suggested the phone might be a fake. Others thought it might have been repaired and the new rear glass panel was installed incorrectly. But the owner says that’s not the case.

Then there’s Reddit user “TheManchot,” who had the same problem with his iPhone 15 Pro. His advice? “If yours is what mine was, do not pull at it. It’s the adhesive for the back glass (between the titanium frame and glass) and likely impacts IP68. I had an extremely small amount, and I used a very sharp, thin razor blade and slide it along the back – careful to not have the blade so vertical it would scratch or dig into the frame, but slice off the adhesive. It’s too bad that is coming out of the factory.”

This could be a manufacturing defect, but it’s up to Apple to decide. If you see this happening to your iPhone, you might want to make a trip to the Apple Store or an authorized service center ASAP.

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