iPhone 15 Series Production Breakdown by Four Contract Manufacturers

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  • Apple relies on four contract manufacturers for the assembly of iPhone 15 series, with Foxconn, based in Taiwan, being the primary assembler responsible for 70% of iPhone 15 models.
  • Luxshare, a China-based contract manufacturer, assembles 25% of iPhone 15 units and 60% of iPhone 15 Plus models, marking it as the only mainland China headquartered firm involved in iPhone production.
  • The premium iPhone 15 Pro series is manufactured by only Foxconn and Pegatron, with Foxconn assembling 70% of both iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.
  • Apple is considering moving iPhone assembly out of China to avoid political and trade issues, with India, Vietnam, and Mexico mentioned as potential locations for expanding production facilities.


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Apple’s got this intricate dance going on with its iPhone assembly. It’s like a choreographed number with four main dancers. The star of the show? That’d be Foxconn, hailing all the way from Taiwan. Now, if Visual Capitalist and TrendForce got their numbers right, Foxconn’s got its hands on 70% of the iPhone 15 model. That’s a hefty chunk!

Then there’s Luxshare. They’re not just any player; they’re based in China and handle a cool 25% of iPhone 15 units. The plot thickens, right? And let’s not forget about India’s Tata, rounding things off with a neat 5%.

Now, the iPhone 15 Plus has its own unique assembly lineup. Luxshare takes the lead this time with 60%. Pegatron, another Taiwan-based firm, isn’t far behind with 35% for those 6.7-inch beauties. Tata’s still in the game, steady at 5%.

The premium iPhone 15 Pro series? Oh, that’s an exclusive club with just two members. Foxconn and Pegatron split the duties, 70-30. As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Foxconn’s still the big player at 70%, but Luxshare sneaks in with the remaining 30%.

You’ve probably heard of Foxconn and Pegatron, right? Luxshare might be new to some, being the only one in mainland China making iPhones. Apple seems to trust Foxconn a lot, especially with 70% of the iPhone 15 Pro series under its belt.

Tata’s not just any name in India—it’s huge, with giants like Tata Motors and Tata Steel under its umbrella. These four manufacturers get bits and bobs from over 200 suppliers. Imagine that puzzle, putting together one of the four iPhone 15 models.

Apple’s been eyeing a move, wanting to dodge the political and trade war bullets. The plan? To shift iPhone assembly out of China. India’s on the list, but so are Vietnam and Mexico. It’s all about being close to a supply chain that delivers the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right quality.

So, there you have it. A global jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered from Taiwan to India, and China to potentially Vietnam and Mexico. Apple’s orchestration of its assembly line is nothing short of a logistical ballet. And the world watches, eagerly waiting for the next move in this intricate dance of technology, politics, and global trade.

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