iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 Pro: Why going “Pro” might be the biggest mistake

What you should know

Apple Vision Pro, the company’s first mixed reality headset, was unveiled in 2023
– The iPhone 15 is a compelling upgrade, even for iPhone 14 Pro users
– The iPhone 15 is lighter and more comfortable to hold than the iPhone 14 Pro
– The iPhone 15 takes noticeably better photos than the iPhone 14 Pro thanks to camera upgrades

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Apple had an eventful year with the release of their first mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, the highly anticipated iPhone 15, and the unfortunate overheating issue with the iPhone 15 Pro. However, amidst all the controversies, one aspect stands out as a positive development in Apple’s history. The vanilla iPhone 15 offers great value for those looking to upgrade their existing phones.

The iPhone 15 is not only a compelling upgrade for users coming from the iPhone 14, but it also surpasses the iPhone 14 Pro in many ways. This is a notable achievement as the standard iPhone has rarely outperformed the Pro model in previous years. While the iPhone 12 came close, the iPhone 15 takes value to the next level.

One significant improvement is the in-hand feel of the iPhone 15. It is lighter and features rounded corners, making it more comfortable to hold and use compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. The weight difference may seem small, but it makes a noticeable difference, especially for users who find heavier phones cumbersome.

Another area where the iPhone 15 excels is in its camera capabilities. With Apple’s latest camera upgrades, including HDR 5, next-gen Portrait mode, and upgraded Night mode, the iPhone 15 consistently takes better photos than the iPhone 14 Pro. The star of the show is the new 48MP shooter, which captures detailed and high-quality images, surpassing any other phone in the market.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a USB-C port in the iPhone 15 gives it an advantage over the iPhone 14 Pro. The USB-C port allows for more convenience in charging and the ability to connect external storage devices. This move also represents Apple’s step towards a future without the Lightning port and makes the iPhone 14 Pro seem outdated in comparison.

For those considering an upgrade, the choice between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 Pro comes down to personal preferences. The iPhone 15 offers a better overall package, including design, weight, in-hand feel, camera quality, and USB-C support. However, if a smooth 120Hz display or a dedicated 3x zoom camera is essential to you, the iPhone 14 Pro may be a better option.

Finally, if you already own an iPhone 14 Pro, it may not be the best decision to upgrade to the iPhone 15. Instead, it might be worth waiting for next year’s iPhone 16 series, which is expected to offer even more significant upgrades. Some users have also questioned whether Apple could enhance the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro through software updates, particularly in the camera department. While certain improvements may be possible, it is unlikely to match the advancements of the iPhone 15.

Overall, the iPhone 15 proves to be an exceptional device, providing great value for those looking to upgrade. Its superior design, camera capabilities, and future-proof features make it a worthy choice over the iPhone 14 Pro.

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