iPhone 16 to Feature Significantly Reduced Bezels with Borderless Technology, Report Says

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  • Apple plans to use a new technology called BRS (Border Reduction Structure) to achieve ultra-thin bezels on the iPhone 16, making the bottom bezel as thin as possible by rolling the copper wires at the bottom upward.
  • Both Samsung Display and LG Display will implement BRS tech in the panels they provide for the entire iPhone 16 family, aiming for a bezel-less smartphone design.
  • The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are expected to feature a new vertically aligned camera setup and inherit the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button along with a new Capture button, which will also be present on the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models.
  • Apple’s iOS 18 is rumored to include AI features to enhance competitiveness with Samsung and Google, with Apple potentially seeking Google’s assistance to power these AI features on its phones.


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Oh, the iPhone 15’s bezels? They’re already super thin. But guess what? Apple’s not stopping there. No, sir. They’ve got their sights set on the iPhone 16 family, aiming to shave off even more. A new report’s buzzing around, courtesy of a Korean outlet named Sisajournal (hat tip to @Tech_Reve). They’re talking about some cutting-edge tech called BRS – short for Border Reduction Structure. Sounds fancy, huh?

Now, getting those top and side bezels to slim down? That’s been done. But the bottom bezel, that’s the real tough cookie. Mainly ’cause of all the heat it generates. But here comes BRS, swooping in like a hero, promising to tackle that issue head-on. How, you ask? By “rolling the copper wires at the bottom upward.” Pretty neat trick.

And who’s gonna help Apple pull this off? None other than Samsung Display and LG Display. They’re on board to supply the panels for the entire iPhone 16 lineup. And get this – usually, Apple keeps the shiny new tech for the Pro models. But not this time. They’re spreading the love, equipping all four models with BRS tech. Their dream? A smartphone without any bezels. Zero. Nada.

But wait, there’s more. The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are rumored to be flaunting a new look with their vertically aligned cameras. Oh, and they’re inheriting the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button. Plus, there’s chatter about a new Capture button. That’s supposed to pop up on the Pro models too.

Speaking of the Pro models, word on the street is they’re gonna be a tad larger and maybe a bit heavier. They might even boast a new 48MP ultra-wide camera. But don’t expect a revolution. Compared to the iPhone 15 family, the changes seem kinda… mild. So, Apple’s betting big on iOS 18 to make waves. Rumor has it, it’ll be packed with AI features to go toe-to-toe with Samsung and Google.

And here’s the kicker – Apple might even cozy up to Google for some AI magic. Imagine that. Anyway, that’s the scoop. Stay tuned, folks.

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