iPhone Alarm Bug Spreads Rapidly Again, Causing Major Annoyance

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  • Many iPhone users are reporting that their alarms are not sounding at the scheduled times, a recurring issue Apple has acknowledged but not yet fixed.
  • The temporary solution involves disabling the “Attention Aware” feature in the “Face ID & Passcode” settings, which may mistakenly silence alarms by detecting user awareness incorrectly.
  • Apple has recognized the problem and is working on a fix, but in the meantime, users may need to seek alternative alarm solutions.
  • This issue has been reported multiple times over the past year, indicating a persistent problem that Apple has struggled to resolve.


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Oh, not this again. Heard about the latest iPhone drama? Seems like a bunch of folks are venting on Twitter and the like because their alarms aren’t doing their one job. Yep, they’re sleeping in because the alarm decided to take a day off. And guess what the fix is? Diving deep into the settings to turn off some obscure feature. Classic.

Now, NBC’s Today Show made it sound like this was breaking news on April 30. But here’s the kicker: we’ve been chatting about this bug on our humble site not once, but twice, in the past year. Apple, it seems, is playing whack-a-mole with this bug and missing every time. They’ve even made a statement saying they’re on it. Again.

So, here’s the skinny: your iPhone’s alarm clock isn’t exactly broken. Apple’s just saying it’s not “playing the expected sound” at the right time. Sounds like a fancy way of saying it’s broken to me. Remember December and June 2023? The advice hasn’t changed. Head over to the “Face ID & Passcode” section and switch off Attention Aware. This feature, bless its heart, thinks it’s helping by not blasting your alarm sound if it thinks you’re already awake. Great in theory, but not so much when you’re actually drooling on your pillow, missing your morning meeting.

This workaround might be simple, but it’s hardly the fix we’re all waiting for. Apple’s still scratching their heads on how to sort this mess out properly. Meanwhile, you might want to go old school with a trusty alarm clock on your nightstand. Or, dare I say, flirt with the idea of switching to an Android phone. Just steer clear of the Google Pixel unless you want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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