iPhone and Pixel Star in New Coachella Ad as Best Pals

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  • Google’s advertisement features a playful interaction between iPhone and Pixel at Coachella, highlighting the camaraderie between the two devices.
  • Pixel showcases its AI-powered Magic Editor feature, which allows users to manipulate photos by moving subjects, changing the sky, and more, directly on the device.
  • The Pixel 8 series is introduced as the first phone to offer the Magic Editor, emphasizing its advanced on-device photo editing capabilities.
  • Starting May 15th, Magic Editor will be available to a wider audience, including Android devices running Android 8 or higher and iPhones with iOS 15 or higher, with limitations on the number of edits for non-Pixel phones.


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Oh, remember the days when iPhone and Pixel were thick as thieves, embarking on escapades only they could? Seems like ages ago. Google recently dropped an ad featuring these two tech besties hitting up Coachella. And though the ad subtly skips the mention, you just know they were vibing to Doja Cat live.

So, picture this: a quintessential sunny day in California. iPhone’s decked out in a big, floppy hat, neon necklaces galore, and a fringe-bottomed shirt. Pixel? Well, Pixel’s just chilling in its usual get-up, not a case in sight. Classic.

iPhone, ever the influencer, nudges Pixel. “Gotta show the world I’m here,” he says, pushing for a sunset snap on the iconic Coachella grass. Pixel’s on board, no surprise there. iPhone’s next request? “Catch me mid-jump, will ya?”

Fast forward through a bit of friendly bickering over who’ll do the countdown, and bam, it’s suddenly night. Pixel snaps the pic. But, oops—iPhone’s feet are firmly on the ground. No jump captured.

Before iPhone can even hint at a redo, Pixel’s all, “Chill, dude. Ever heard of my AI-powered Magic Editor?” iPhone’s mind? Blown. “That’s epic,” he gasps, admiring the digitally altered sunset. “Gonna share this?” Pixel asks. “Coachell-YEAH,” iPhone shoots back.

Here’s the kicker: Pixel 8’s flaunting this Magic Editor thing, a game-changer in on-device photo tweaking. Shuffle around people, pets, you name it. Even the sky’s mood can flip on a whim.

But wait, there’s more. This ad isn’t just about Coachella vibes. Starting May 15th, Magic Editor’s breaking free from Pixel exclusivity. Got Android 8 or up? iPhone with iOS 15 or more? You’re in. Ten Magic Editor snaps a month, on the house, via the Google Photos app. And for the Pixel loyalists? Unlimited Magic Editor privileges.

Talk about timing, huh?

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