iPhone SE 4 CAD Renders Show Similarity to iPhone 14

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  • The iPhone SE 4 is expected to adopt the design language of the 2022 iPhone 14, featuring a significant upgrade to a 6.1-inch display with a notch and Face ID, moving away from the iPhone SE 3’s 4.7-inch LCD display and Touch ID.
  • CAD renders suggest the iPhone SE 4 will have a single rear camera and might include features such as a USB-charging port and possibly the Action Button, which allows users to select from 10 tasks with a single press.
  • The dimensions of the iPhone SE 4 are reported to be similar to those of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, indicating a compact yet modern design approach.
  • While there is speculation about an earlier release to accompany the iPhone 16 series, it’s more likely that Apple will launch the iPhone SE 4 in early 2025 to avoid competition within its own lineup and to target markets in developing countries with a more affordable option.


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Well, it’s not exactly breaking news, but it’s worth a chat. The iPhone SE 4, yep, that’s the fourth-gen of Apple’s so-called “budget” iPhone, is rumored to be a bit of a looker. It’s supposedly taking style tips from the 2022 iPhone 14. Now, remember the iPhone SE 3? That one kinda took us back, design-wise, channeling the iPhone 8 with its 4.7-inch LCD screen and Touch ID.

But, oh boy, the SE 4 is leveling up. We’re talking a jump to a 6.1-inch display. And not just any display, but one with the notch and Face ID. This is a first for the SE series, ditching Touch ID. Kinda feels like the end of an era, doesn’t it?

So, there’s this buzz around some CAD (Computer Aided Design) renders. Thanks to 91mobiles, we’ve got a sneak peek. The front’s not the only thing getting a makeover; the back’s sporting a single camera. It’s perched up there in the upper left, just doing its thing. Dimension-wise, it’s cozying up to the iPhone 13 and 14, measuring in at 147.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm.

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Rumor has it, this baby might come with a USB-charging port. Oh, and the Action Button from the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could make an appearance. That little switch lets you pick from 10 tasks with just a press. Pretty nifty, right? But, the renders are playing coy; they’re not giving away if the SE 4 will sport this feature.

Don’t hold your breath for a launch party anytime soon, though. The whispers suggest Apple’s aiming for a grand entrance next year. But, 91mobiles threw in a curveball. They’re thinking Apple might want to shake things up by dropping this more wallet-friendly option alongside the iPhone 16 series later this year. Their logic? It could be a game-changer in developing countries, where the iPhone 16’s price tag might make wallets weep. The SE 3 kicked off at $429 last year, just to give you an idea.

But if we’re betting, Apple’s probably gonna play the waiting game. Likely eyeing early 2025 for the big reveal. That way, the iPhone SE 4 won’t steal the spotlight from the pricier iPhone 16 lineup. Makes sense, right? Keep ’em separated, avoid the family feud.

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