iPhone Under-Screen Face ID Launch Delayed Again

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  • Under-display Face ID for the iPhone has been delayed, with the iPhone 18 and 18 Pro now expected to be the first models to feature it, pushing the anticipated introduction to 2026.
  • Ross Young, a display analyst with a strong track record, has adjusted his predictions, indicating a delay in the implementation of under-screen Face ID and pinhole camera technology.
  • Apple plans to adopt under-panel camera technology after 2026, with development by LG Innotek, suggesting that an under-screen front-facing camera will follow the introduction of under-screen Face ID.
  • Despite the delay in under-display technology, the iPhone 16 family will maintain a similar design to current models, focusing on iOS 18 and AI features to remain competitive.


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Oh, the Apple rumor mill – it never stops churning, does it? Just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s next, bam, the script flips. Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about under-display Face ID on the iPhone. And guess what? It seems we’re in for a longer wait than anticipated.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, folks were betting on the iPhone 16 to break new ground with this tech. But, if the whispers and leaks hold any truth, that’s almost certainly not happening. It’s like expecting a unicorn at your birthday party; wishful thinking, but highly unlikely.

Enter Ross Young, the display guru with a knack for getting predictions right. He initially pegged the iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max as the debutants of this fancy feature, alongside a nifty pinhole camera. But nope, scratch that. He’s now shifted his bets to 2026, as per a scoop from Apple Insider.

So, what’s the new game plan? Looks like the iPhone 18 and its Pro sibling are set to be the pioneers of under-display Face ID, with the regular models joining the party a year later in 2027. Meanwhile, this year’s lineup, and next year’s too, will stick with the Dynamic Island feature that popped up on the iPhone 14 Pro. Talk about playing the long game!

After they’ve managed to sneak Face ID under the screen, Apple’s next mountain to climb will be under-panel camera tech. Word on the street is LG Innotek is on the case, but don’t hold your breath; it’s apparently a tougher nut to crack. Given the mixed reviews on Samsung Galaxy Fold 5’s under-display camera, it’s probably wise for Apple to tread carefully. They’ve already given one prototype the thumbs down for not meeting their high standards.

For now, all eyes are on the iPhone 16 family. Despite sticking to a familiar design, they’re banking on iOS 18 and some AI magic to dazzle us. They’re aiming to not just impress, but to secure a spot on the “best phones of 2024” list. Here’s hoping they pull it off, eh?

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