iPhone Users: Temporarily Disable iMessage to Prevent Hacking

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  • Trust Wallet has alerted iOS users about a potential iMessage security flaw that could allow hackers to access iPhones without any user interaction, based on a zero-day exploit being sold for $2 million on the dark web.
  • Despite the warning, TechCrunch suggests that the risk may be exaggerated, pointing out that there’s no concrete evidence of the exploit’s existence and questioning the credibility of the source, CodeBreach Lab.
  • Instead of disabling iMessage, TechCrunch recommends using Apple‘s Lockdown Mode as a precautionary measure to protect against potential, though highly unlikely, sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • The situation highlights the challenges in assessing cybersecurity threats and the importance of critical evaluation of sources and claims in the cybersecurity community.


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Hey, iOS users, heads up! Trust Wallet’s got a warning that’s kinda alarming. It’s all about this iMessage bug that hackers are drooling over. They’re saying, without even a tap from you, your iPhone could be at their mercy. Spooky, right?

So, here’s the scoop straight from Trust Wallet’s keyboard: they’ve stumbled upon some pretty solid gossip. There’s this zero-day exploit making rounds. For those scratching their heads, that’s geek speak for a security hole that’s fresh and unpatched. And guess what? Some shadowy figure’s auctioning it off on the dark web for a cool $2 million.

According to the chatter, this exploit’s like a magic key. It lets hackers waltz right into your iPhone without you lifting a finger. And it’s not just random Joe’s they’re after. Nope. The big fish are in the crosshairs.

Trust Wallet’s advice? Hit pause on iMessage till Apple gets its act together with a fix.

But wait, there’s another side to this coin. TechCrunch is waving the “don’t panic” flag. They reckon Trust Wallet might be jumping at shadows. According to them, the whole exploit saga might be a bunch of hot air.

Here’s the kicker: Trust Wallet’s intel comes from an ad. And not just any ad. One from a site called CodeBreach Lab, which, let’s be honest, sounds like it’s run by villains from a ’90s hacker movie. The site’s a mess of typos and doesn’t exactly scream “trust me.”

TechCrunch even tried to play James Bond. They attempted to buy the exploit. Turns out, the site wanted the cash in Bitcoin, sent to a wallet as public as a celebrity meltdown on Twitter. Spoiler alert: No one’s taken the bait.

So, is CodeBreach Lab just trying to swindle some crypto from the gullible? Could be. And maybe Trust Wallet bit too hard on a juicy piece of bait.

If you’re still feeling jittery, there’s a middle ground. Apple’s got this thing called Lockdown Mode. It’s like Fort Knox for your iPhone, designed to fend off those “in movies only” kind of cyberattacks. Apple’s pretty confident about it, saying no baddie’s cracked it yet.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Maybe don’t rush to turn off iMessage. But hey, if you wanna play it super safe, Lockdown Mode’s there, waiting like a digital bodyguard.

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