Job opportunities at Apple: Insider tips from Tim Cook

What you should know

  • Apple hires people without college degrees and will find jobs for those who do not know coding
  • Apple wants employees who add value and can collaborate well
  • Apple is looking for people who are curious, creative, and work well in a team
  • Tim Cook recommends learning how to code

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently discussed what it takes to get hired by Apple during a podcast hosted by pop star Dua Lipa. Cook emphasized that Apple is looking to hire people from all walks of life, not just those with college degrees or coding knowledge. According to Cook, Apple values employees who are curious, creative, and collaborative. They should be willing to ask questions and work well in a team. Although Apple does hire individuals who don’t know how to code, Cook still recommends learning coding as it is a global language.

If you’re interested in a job at Apple, you can visit the Apple careers page on their website. Cook’s comments suggest that Apple is looking for individuals who bring different ideas and perspectives to the table, in order to create something better than the sum of its parts. This emphasis on collaboration and diversity in hiring practices is an important part of Apple’s corporate culture. If you’re someone who values collaboration and creativity, then perhaps a job at Apple could be the perfect fit for you.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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