Latest Update Unties Google’s At a Glance Widget from Assistant

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  • The “At a Glance” widget on Android devices has been decoupled from Google Assistant, indicating a potential shift in the assistant’s role within the Android ecosystem.
  • Previously known as “Assistant at a Glance,” the widget has undergone a redesign and a renaming, removing the “assistant” reference from its title and settings, as observed in the latest beta version of the Google app.
  • This change in branding may be related to the introduction of the Gemini app on Android, speculated to be a future replacement for Google Assistant, though currently lacking in comparable functionality.
  • The renaming of the widget to simply “At a Glance” suggests a move towards a more streamlined and descriptive naming convention, possibly hinting at future enhancements to the Gemini app to better serve as an assistant replacement.


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So, Android users, you might’ve noticed something a bit off lately. That familiar “At a Glance” widget on your home screen? Yeah, it’s gone through a bit of a makeover. Not in the way it looks, mind you, but in its ties to Google Assistant. Seems like Google’s having a rethink about Assistant’s role in our Android lives.

“At a Glance” has always been that handy-dandy tool, right? Showing us the weather, what’s next on our calendar, reminders – the works. On Pixel devices, it’s pretty much part of the furniture. And on other Android phones, it’s nestled in the widget list under Google, tagged as “Assistant at a Glance.” It was a clear nod to its Google Assistant roots.

Then came last October. The widget got a facelift, looking all modern and stuff. But, here’s the kicker – as 9to5Google pointed out, the latest beta version of the Google app (yep, v. went all ninja and dropped the “assistant” bit from the widget’s name and settings. Sneaky, right?

Before and after the update, it’s like night and day with the “At a Glance” widget description. This shift’s got folks scratching their heads, wondering what’s up Google’s sleeve. Some are whispering about the Gemini app, rumored to be stepping into Google Assistant’s shoes. But, let’s be real, Gemini’s still finding its feet – missing some basics like setting timers, reading out web pages, or recognizing tunes.

Despite the mystery of Google’s grand plan, this change does clean up the widget’s name, making it snappier and more to the point. And hey, maybe it’s a hint at bigger and better things for the Gemini app. Fingers crossed it grows up to fill those Assistant shoes.

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Derrick Flynn
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