Leaked Google Pixel 9 Pro Photos Confirm New Design Language

What you should know


  • The Pixel 9 Pro features a distinct pill-shaped camera housing on the back, setting it apart from previous models and competitors.
  • Leaked specs suggest the Pixel 9 Pro could have 16GB of RAM, indicating a significant performance boost potentially for advanced on-device AI features.
  • Comparisons with the iPhone 14 Pro Max suggest the Pixel 9 Pro might be slightly smaller, appealing to users looking for a more compact high-end smartphone.
  • Despite the excitement the leaks have generated, it’s crucial to remember these details are not confirmed and could change before the official release.


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Oh boy, it looks like Google’s secret-keeping game is kinda off lately. Just stumbled upon some fresh pics of what’s supposedly the Pixel 9 Pro. Yep, you heard it right. They’re all over the internet now, giving us a sneak peek into Google’s lab.

Credit goes to Rozetked, spotted on the Google News Telegram channel. These guys are always on the lookout, huh? From what we’ve seen before, the Pixel 9 Pro is shaking things up. Big time. That pill-shaped camera on the back? Can’t miss it. It screams “I’m a search bar!” – a nod from Android Police to the design twist first seen on the Pixel 8. Debate-worthy? Absolutely. But it sure does make the Pixel 9 stand out in a crowd.

Diving deeper, the leaks hint at some juicy specs. The bootloader screen dropped a bombshell – 16GB of RAM. That’s not a typo. We’re talking 4GB more than its predecessor, the Pixel 8 Pro. Makes you wonder, what’s Google planning to do with all that power? My guess? It’s all about Gemini and loading up on those AI features that just can’t get enough RAM.

Oh, and there’s a bit of a size comparison going on with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Looks like Google’s aiming for that sweet spot – not too big, not too small. Rumor has it, we’re getting two sizes for the Pixel 9 Pro. The one in the photos? Probably the smaller sibling. But hey, there’s also talk of a larger XL version.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. These are leaks, after all. Legit or not, they’re just giving us a glimpse of what might be. There’s probably more under Google’s sleeve. Yet, I can’t help but think… maybe it’s time for a new Pixel in my life.

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