Leaked Images Suggest New 12.9-inch iPad Air Design by Apple

What you should know

  • Apple is reportedly planning to release four new iPads, including two new iPad Air models and two new iPad Pro models.
  • The new iPad Air is rumored to feature a larger 12.9-inch display, compared to the current 10.9-inch model, making it the largest-ever iPad Air.
  • The design of the new iPad Air is expected to be similar to its predecessor, with a slim body, all-screen design, and Touch ID button on the edge of the device, but with a redesigned rear camera layout.
  • The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models are expected to debut in the first half of this year, with the iPad Pro featuring OLED displays.

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Apple’s got some big plans this year. They’re not just dropping one, but four new iPads!

Yep, you read that right. Two new iPad Air models and two new iPad Pro models might be on the horizon. And the rumors are swirling, especially about the design secrets of the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air.

91mobiles recently released some alleged schematics for the new iPad Air. It’s got a larger 12.9-inch display compared to the current 10.9-inch model. These images, snagged from industry sources, give us a sneak peek. But, keep in mind, there’s no guarantee this will be the final design.

The biggest change? It might just be the whopping jump in display size. We’re talking about moving from 10.9 inches in the fifth-gen iPad Air (2022) to an impressive 12.9 inches in the upcoming version. Word on the street is that both sizes will be up for grabs this time.

If the rumors turn out true, this would be the grand entrance of the largest-ever iPad Air. It’s boasting a dazzling 12.9-inch screen – a size previously reserved for the iPad Pro lineup.

The leaked CAD renders give us a sneak peek at the possible design of the iPad Air 12.9-inch model. It looks familiar – slim body, all-screen design, and that signature Touch ID button on the edge of the device, just like its predecessor.

Top and bottom speaker grilles, a side switch, and a USB-C port at the bottom keep things in line. But, the design isn’t undergoing a massive overhaul. The rear camera layout, however, is getting a facelift.

The current iPad Air keeps things simple with a subtle camera bump housing a single lens. But, these schematics unveil a change – a redesigned bump now housing both the lens and the flash.

The exact timeline remains a bit of a mystery. But, it seems like the new iPad Air might debut in the first half of this year. As mentioned earlier, there’s also buzz about a new iPad Pro lineup featuring those dazzling OLED displays.

And guess what? We recently spilled the beans that production for the OLED iPad Pro displays might already be underway. So, stay tuned for updates!

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