Leaked iPhone 16 Series Image Reveals Massive Size of iPhone 16 Pro Max

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  • The iPhone 16 Pro models are rumored to have bigger screens, with the Pro sporting a 6.3-inch display and the Pro Max a 6.9-inch screen, while the non-Pro models will maintain current sizes.
  • Leaked images suggest a change in the camera setup for the base models, moving from a diagonally aligned array to a vertical one, and relocating the flash unit out of the camera bump.
  • The introduction of spatial video capture is expected in the regular and Plus models, indicating an enhancement in video recording capabilities.
  • Despite the excitement around new features, there’s concern over the increased size and weight of the Pro models compared to their predecessors.


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Oh, have you seen it? The latest buzz on X, that social media platform we can’t seem to get enough of. Someone dropped images of what they’re calling the iPhone 16 dummy units. Yep, the whole lineup’s there for the world to see.

Now, despite the buzz, it seems these new gadgets aren’t straying too far from the nest. The design? Pretty much a mirror image of what we’re clutching in our hands right now. But, hold up, Apple‘s got a trick or two up its sleeve. Changes are afoot, folks, changes that promise to tweak how these beauties rest in our palms.

Let’s dive into the juicy part, shall we? Rumor has it, the Pro models are getting a size boost. Imagine, the iPhone 16 Pro flaunting a 6.3-inch display. And the Pro Max? A whopping 6.9 inches. That’s not a phone; it’s a mini tablet! As for the non-Pro mortals, we’re sticking to the status quo—6.1 inches for the iPhone 16 and 6.7 inches for the Plus.

Sonny Dickson, that tipster who loves to stir the pot, posted a pic that’s got everyone talking. The Pro models? They’re looking a bit more… grandiose than their non-Pro siblings. Especially the Pro Max—it’s practically shouting, “Look at me!”

And there’s more. The base models are shaking things up with their cameras. Gone are the days of the diagonal array. Now, we’re talking vertical, baby. Plus, they’re shoving the flash unit out of the way. Why? To make room for spatial video capture, that’s why. Fancy, huh?

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The leak’s only showing us the backside of these beauties. So, all that chatter about an Action button and a Capture Button on the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus? Still up in the air.

Here’s the kicker, though. The iPhone 16 Pro is turning out to be a beast. And I mean, a BEAST. Not sure how to feel about lugging around this behemoth. To add insult to injury, whispers suggest these new kids on the block might be packing on the pounds compared to their elders. A bit of a bummer, considering how the iPhone 15 Pro managed to slim down from the 14 Pro.

So, there you have it. A sneak peek into what might just be in our future. Big screens, vertical cameras, and maybe, just maybe, a couple of new buttons to play with. But at what cost? Heavier phones? Only time will tell.

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