LeBron James Possibly Leaks Upcoming Beats Product by Apple

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  • An unreleased Apple-made product, presumably a new Beats Pill speaker, was spotted with LeBron James, suggesting a possible Apple-sanctioned publicity stunt rather than an accidental leak.
  • The product in question is believed to be a sequel to the 2015 Beats Pill+, identified by its unique feature of a carrying cord, indicating significant upgrades over previous models.
  • Expectations are set for the next-gen Bluetooth speaker to offer massive improvements in connectivity, audio performance, and battery life, considering the age of its predecessors.
  • There is anticipation for the simultaneous unveiling of this new Beats Pill speaker and the Beats Solo 4 headphones in the near future.


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So, there’s this buzz about an Apple product that’s not even hit the shelves yet. And guess who’s been spotted with it? Not your usual tech leak gurus like Evan Blass or Steve Hemmerstoffer. Nope. We’re talking LeBron James. Yeah, the basketball legend with more rings and trophies than most of us have socks.

LeBron, flaunting a gadget? Unheard of, right? He’s not exactly the tech influencer type. More like a “way richer and more famous” kind of guy. But here he is, possibly giving us a sneak peek of a new Beats Pill speaker. Or so the rumor mill suggests.

Now, Apple pulling a publicity stunt isn’t a wild guess. It’s almost a given. They’re masters at the hype game, after all. And having LeBron casually showcase their product? Genius. It screams “Look at me!” without saying a word.

The thing LeBron’s got? It’s stirring up talks of being the next big thing after the Pill+. Remember that one? It didn’t even have a handy carrying cord. And let’s be real. LeBron, with his billionaire status, wouldn’t just parade any outdated tech. Especially not before a big game.

But what do we actually know about this mystery speaker? Not much, to be honest. It looks… well, like a pill. But the good kind, promising to blast sick beats and not make you sick. If it’s anything like its predecessors, we’re in for a treat in terms of sound quality and battery life.

Rumor has it, this could be part of a bigger reveal. Maybe alongside the Beats Solo 4 headphones? Now, that would be something. A double whammy of audio goodness, perhaps next month? Fingers crossed.

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