Lenovo and Motorola Smart Connect: Apple-like Ecosystem for Moto Phones, Lenovo Tabs, and PCs

What you should know


  • Smart Connect offers seamless connectivity across Motorola phones, Lenovo tablets, and PCs, enhancing the user experience for students, enterprises, gamers, and creators.
  • The feature set includes Cross Control for unified navigation, Swipe to Stream for easy content transition, Notification Sync for centralized alerts, Share Hub for file sharing, Smart Clipboard for seamless copy-pasting, Instant Hotspot for quick internet access, and the ability to use your phone as a webcam.
  • Smart Connect is compatible with Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 or later and will be available through the Microsoft Store, as well as for select Lenovo tablets and Motorola devices via the Google Play Store.
  • The availability of Smart Connect will be announced in the coming months, with specific compatible Motorola phones and Lenovo tablets to be disclosed at launch.


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Craving that buttery smooth digital harmony, kinda like what Apple‘s got going on with its gadgets? Guess what? Motorola and Lenovo are on it with their latest trick up the sleeve – Smart Connect. Just dropped the news at MWC 2024.

This shiny new system? It’s a godsend for students, the corporate warriors, gamers, and all you creative souls out there. Imagine linking up your Motorola phone with Lenovo tablets and PCs. Yeah, that level of seamless.

With Smart Connect, Lenovo and Motorola are basically saying, “Who needs matching OS’s to play nice?” Now, your Moto phone can buddy up with any screen, making everything bigger and better.

Here’s the scoop on what Smart Connect brings to the table:

– Cross Control: One keyboard. One mouse. And all your gadgets dancing in sync. Picture this: tweaking a doc on your Lenovo PC, pulling in bits from your tablet, and chatting with your team on your phone. Smooth, right?

– Swipe to stream: Mid-video on your tablet and gotta move? Just swipe, and boom – you’re watching on your PC. Magic.

– Notification sync: The days of device juggling just to catch that ping? Over. Now, every beep and buzz is everywhere you are.

– Share hub: It’s like passing notes in class, but for your files and pics. Only way cooler, and across all your devices.

– Smart clipboard: Copy here. Paste there. Across phones, PCs, tablets. It’s like they’re all one big happy family.

– Instant hotspot: Internet woes? Pfft. Your phone’s now a lifeline for your tablet or PC.

– Webcam: Your phone just got promoted to your new favorite webcam. Video calls, live streams, or even moving your chat to the big screen TV. It’s all fair game.

Epic features, huh? To dive into this pool of cool, you’ll need a Lenovo PC that’s buddies with Windows 10 or newer (hit up the Microsoft store when it’s time). And yep, it’s coming to select Lenovo tablets and Motorola phones via the Google Play Store.

SmartConnect’s rolling out soon. “When exactly?” Motorola’s playing it coy. But, when those specific Motorola phones and Lenovo tablets that can join the party are announced, you’ll hear it from us. So, don’t wander too far!

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